Home Breaking News JP Nadda Mocks Telangana’s Ruling BRS as ‘Bhrashtachaari Rakshasvi Samiti’

JP Nadda Mocks Telangana’s Ruling BRS as ‘Bhrashtachaari Rakshasvi Samiti’

JP Nadda Mocks Telangana’s Ruling BRS as ‘Bhrashtachaari Rakshasvi Samiti’

With the Assembly polls scheduled to be held in Telangana on November 30, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Chief, JP Nadda, took a jibe at the state’s ruling Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS). 

He suggested that BRS stands for “Bhrashtachaari Rakshasvi Samiti.” Addressing a public rally in the Kukatpally constituency in Hyderabad, Nadda expressed his confidence in the people of Telangana, stating that they are ready to send both the BRS and the Congress packing.

Nadda’s Take on BRS and Congress

During the rally, Nadda highlighted the perception of the people of Telangana towards the ruling BRS and the Congress. 

He claimed that for the people, BRS stands for “Bhrashtachari Rakshasula Samiti,” loosely translated as “Corrupt Demon Committee.” 

Additionally, he asserted that the Congress signifies “Commission, Corruption, and Criminization.” 

Nadda expressed optimism about the BJP’s alliance with the Jana Sena party. He believed that this collaboration could bring about a significant transformation in the fate and image of Telangana. 

The merger between the BJP and Jana Sena aims to reinforce the development of the state. Nadda’s statements indicate that the alliance is committed to leaving no stone unturned in achieving this goal.

BJP’s Track Record

Nadda also took the opportunity to commend the BJP government at the center led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

He emphasized how under Modi’s leadership, India has become the fifth-largest economy globally, with expectations to rise further to the second-largest in the next two years. 

This praise for the BJP’s accomplishments at the national level aims to reinforce the party’s credibility and track record.

Telangana is set to witness a three-cornered contest in the upcoming elections. The ruling BRS, which previously operated under the name Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), is seeking a third consecutive term. 

The Congress and the resurgent BJP stand as strong contenders. In the last Assembly elections in 2018, the BRS secured a significant victory, winning 88 out of 119 seats with 47.4% of the total vote share. 

On the other hand, the Congress managed to secure only 19 seats, signaling a distant second. It is worth mentioning that BJP failed to secure any seats.

JP Nadda’s mocking remarks aimed at Telangana’s ruling BRS, referring to them as the “Bhrashtachaari Rakshasvi Samiti” and drawing unfavorable associations with the Congress, have added spice to the upcoming Assembly elections. 

Nadda’s confidence in the BJP’s alliance with Jana Sena and the party’s track record under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership serve to strengthen the BJP’s position. 

As Telangana prepares for a three-cornered contest, it remains to be seen whether Nadda’s remarks will resonate with the voters and impact the final results on November 30.


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