Home Breaking News Rahul Gandhi Unleashes Verbal Assault on BJP and BRS in Telangana

Rahul Gandhi Unleashes Verbal Assault on BJP and BRS in Telangana

Rahul Gandhi Unleashes Verbal Assault on BJP and BRS in Telangana

Amidst the assembly polls in Telangana, AICC leader Rahul Gandhi has come forward with a fervent speech, exuding confidence in the Congress party’s victory. 

In his scathing attack on Chief Minister K Chandrasekar Rao (KCR) and the BJP, Rahul Gandhi questioned their track record and promised to fulfill the six guarantees put forth by the Congress if voted to power in Telangana.

Addressing various poll rallies in Telangana, Rahul Gandhi accused KCR of running the most corrupt government in the country. 

He alleged that key portfolios that generate money were controlled by Rao’s family members, pointing to the rampant corruption prevalent in the state. 

The Congress leader asserted that the fight in Telangana was between a “feudal government” and a “people’s government,” emphasizing that the real question is not what Congress has done, but what KCR has done for the state.

Confidence in Victory

Rahul Gandhi showcased his unwavering confidence in the upcoming elections, stating that the Congress party is set to sweep the polls with a massive majority. 

He firmly expressed the party’s goal to defeat the BRS in Telangana and the BJP at the national level. 

Drawing attention to the development of Hyderabad city, he credited the Congress party for transforming it into an information technology hub, claiming that KCR is benefiting from the progress achieved under Congress rule.

Highlighting the alleged misdeeds of KCR, Rahul Gandhi accused him of looting public money in the name of the Kaleshwaram project. 

He further claimed that KCR granted lands belonging to poor farmers to his friends, leading to significant losses for the farming community.

Rahul Gandhi questioned KCR’s silence on these matters and the increasing number of farmer suicides in the state. Drawing attention to the issue of leaked papers in government recruitment examinations, he criticized KCR for neglecting to listen to the aspirations and grievances of Telangana’s youth.

Congress’ Promises

Rahul Gandhi reiterated the Congress party’s six guarantees for Telangana, assuring the people that these promises would be translated into law at the very first cabinet meeting if Congress comes to power. 

The guarantees include providing schemes and benefits under the ‘Mahalakshmi’ program, enabling women to save up to ₹5,000 per month. 

Congress also promises to provide ₹5 lakh rupees for constructing houses and allocate housing plots to those who played a crucial role in the formation of Telangana.

Taking on the Opposition

Drawing attention to the deflation of BJP’s influence in Telangana, Rahul Gandhi asserted that the Congress party has punctured all four tires of the BJP. 

He expressed his determination to defeat the BRS in Telangana and further revealed his intentions to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the national level, accusing Modi and KCR of having a partnership. 

On the AIMIM party, he alleged that the BJP supplies candidates to the Asaduddin Owaisi-led party, causing maximum loss to Congress.

Rahul Gandhi’s verbal assault on the BJP and BRS in Telangana exemplifies his confidence in the Congress party’s victory. 

Drawing attention to the alleged corruption and the achievements of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi presents a compelling case for the voters of Telangana. 

The promises of the Congress’ six guarantees and the determination to defeat the opposition, both at the state and national level, further solidify his stand

Now, it remains to be seen how the electorate of Telangana will respond to this verbal assault and whether the Congress party can indeed claim victory in the assembly polls.


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