Amit Shah’s Pledge to Secure Pakistan and Bangladesh Borders within 2 Years

In a recent announcement, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has declared that India’s borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh will be completely secured within the next two years. 

With ongoing efforts to plug gaps in these regions, Shah expressed confidence in achieving this goal. 

Securing the Borders: Progress and Challenges

Over the past nine years, the Modi government has taken significant steps to secure the India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh borders. 

Approximately 560 km of these borders have been fenced and gaps have been plugged. However, there are still around 60 km of unsecured stretch that require attention.

 Shah assured that the remaining gaps are being addressed and emphasized the government’s commitment to completely secure these borders within the next two years.

Securing the India-Pakistan International Border and the India-Bangladesh border poses unique challenges due to their diverse geographical features, including long riverine, mountainous, and marshy areas. 

Building physical fences in these regions can be extremely difficult. Thus, the Border Security Force (BSF) and other agencies rely on advanced technical gadgets to detect and prevent infiltration.

Border Security: A Catalyst for Development

Amit Shah firmly believes that a country cannot fully develop and prosper unless its borders are secure. 

He highlighted the remarkable achievements of the Modi government, such as the Chandrayaan mission and India’s rise in the global economy. 

According to Shah, these achievements were made possible due to the efforts of the BSF and other border security forces. 

They play a crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s borders, ensuring peace, and protecting its citizens.

Shah acknowledged the essential role played by the BSF in securing the borders.

As the first line of defense, BSF jawans carry out the challenging task of protecting the nation. 

The BSF, established on December 1, 1965, is responsible for guarding the 6,386 km-long Indian fronts with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Border security has remained a top priority for successive BJP governments. Shah highlighted the integrated approach to border security introduced by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and further strengthened by the Modi government. 

This approach encompasses security measures, development initiatives, democratic processes, and infrastructure development, ensuring the welfare of the local population living along the borders.

Infrastructure and Welfare Measures

The Modi government has made significant strides in enhancing infrastructure along the borders. 

They have created 452 new border posts, 510 observation towers, and improved communication connectivity through rail, road, waterways, and telephone.

Additionally, electricity and piped water facilities have been provided to numerous border posts, benefiting the border populations.

Combatting Left Wing Extremism (LWE)

Shah also addressed the issue of Left Wing Extremism (LWE) and commended the progress made in countering this armed and violent movement. 

Over the last ten years, incidents of Naxal violence have decreased by 52%, deaths related to these incidents have decreased by 70%, and the number of affected police stations has reduced from 495 to 176. 

The BSF, along with other forces such as CRPF and ITBP, are actively working towards eliminating Naxalism in the country.

Amit Shah’s pledge to completely secure the borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh within the next two years demonstrates the Modi government’s commitment to national security and prosperity.

With significant progress already made in fencing and plugging gaps, the government’s efforts will ensure the safety of the nation and foster its continued development.

The dedication and sacrifices of the BSF and other security forces remain invaluable in this journey towards securing India’s borders.




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