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PM Modi Reveals New Identity for India’s Parliament Building

PM Modi Reveals New Identity for India’s Parliament Building

PM Modi, in his last speech from the historic parliament building, unveiled its new identity, renaming it Samvidhan Sadan, which translates into the Constitution House.

Today marks an important chapter in India’s legislative history. PM Modi proudly announced the renaming of the old parliament building to Samvidhan Sadan, creating a bridge to its legacy and the future. 

The Prime Minister emphasized, “We shouldn’t just call it the ‘old parliament’. Instead, this building should be known as ‘Samvidhan Sadan’, linking it to the memories of the great people who once constituted the Assembly.

Following this momentous proclamation, PM Modi led all Members of Parliament from the venerable structure to the new parliament building. 

An unmistakable symbolism and a gesture representing a hopeful entry into an era of new foundations and renewed aspirations.

The Legacy Continues

The old parliament building, or as it is now known, the Samvidhan Sadan, was brought to life by British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker in 1927. 

Over time, this iconic edifice had seemingly outgrown its capabilities, necessitating a transition to a larger, more modern structure. 

While bidding adieu to the old building, PM Modi signified the exciting prospects of the new parliament edifice, expressing renewed hope and confidence: “The MPs will enter the new building with new hope and confidence”.

As the curtain closes on one era, so unfolds a new one in India’s political landscape. 

The renaming of the historic parliament house reciprocates the sentiment of respect towards the pillars of the Constituent Assembly that once assembled there, while embracing advancements and aspirations that promise to propel Indian governance into the future.


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