Ip Man: Kung Fu Master

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Do you remember clothes ripping, bone shattering & wall breaking Kung-fu movies? If not then buckle up and get ready for another adventure.

Ipman hero

(image credit: Ip man Kung-fu master movie trailer)

Ip Man also known as Yip Man(1) was the master of kung-fu who taught Bruce Lee the ABC’s of Kung Fu.

You can watch the movie trailer from the link :

Ip man Kung fu master movie trailer

here is the official movie website link : IpMan Movie

Movie is set to release on Dec 11,2020.

Why watch Ip Man, Again?

If you have seen Kung-Fu hustle and liked it you are going to enjoy this movie. Set in revolutionary era of 1945, movies shows the corruption prevalent in government agencies which have only two condition, join them or die.

Story is created around a raid after which police department found a lot of cash inside a gangster’s house. The revenge of gangster’s daughter for killing his father along with our hero’s fight with corrupt system is filled with a lot of action. Its no nonsense straight to business kind of play style prevent you from leaving the screen for even a millisecond.

(image credit: Ip man Kung-fu master movie trailer)

Kung-fu, what is it??

(image credit: Ip man Kung-fu master movie trailer)

Kung-fu is a form of Chinese martial art which has multiple styles Shaolin Kung FuWing Chun, Tai chi  and through those usually our Chinese hero defeats the villains in movies. Each form of kung fu has its own principles and techniques, but is best known for its trickery and quickness, which is where the word Kung Fu is derived. It is only in the late twentieth century, that this term was used in relation to Chinese martial arts by the Chinese community.

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