Kriti Sanon is turning up the heat on social media with her new look

Actress Kriti Sanon gained notoriety after the release of her latest movie, Shehzada

With her social media posts, she frequently generates news

She grabs the attention of people with her looks

She is donning a blue dress with large thigh slits on her

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Kriti Sanon

Instagram users may now view the most recent picture shoot by Kriti Sanon

Her outfit features a crop top that is strapless and a high-thigh slit skirt

She is adorning herself with a pair of black, stiletto-style high heels

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Kriti sanon

kirti sanon took to Instagram and shared some cool yet stunning photos

The actress attracted everyone's attention with her daring outfit  choice

She is donning a full-sleeved minidress with a white flower motif on it.

She only needed a little cosmetics to finish her outfit