Nintendo collaborates with Tag Heuer for Super Mario-themed watch

Nintendo, which is frequently associated with toys, will collaborate with Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer. According to The Verge, these two companies announced their collaboration on a forthcoming Super Mario-themed watch via a psychedelic Twitter teaser.

Individuals can now register on Tag Heuer’s website to receive early access to the “exclusive limited edition” watch, which will be available “very soon.”

Video: Super Mario-themed watch

Confoundingly, Tag Heuer’s tweet stated that you can “power-up on July 13th,” but the website’s countdown clock is currently set to Thursday, July 15th at 10 a.m. ET. If someone is interested in purchasing one of these watches for themselves, they should register on the site to be kept informed of when they will be available for purchase.

The site makes no mention of pricing, but given that most Tag Heuer watches cost at least a grand, it seems likely that this Super Mario watch will be similarly priced.

source: ANI

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