Twitter is testing new feature ‘vibe check’


Ever wanted to get a sense of the tone of a discussion before jumping in? Twitter’s recently announced ‘vibe check’ test will demonstrate how.

According to Mashable India, Twitter began rolling out a restricted test to iOS and Android users on Wednesday. According to one example supplied by the business, the new feature prompts would display beneath particular tweets and warn users against digging into the replies.

“Ever wanted to get a sense of the tone of a discussion before jumping in? We’re now testing prompts on Android and iOS that warn you whether the conversation you’re about to participate is likely to become heated or intense “The business announced the test in a tweet announcing it.

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The prompts include “Heads up,” and “Conversations like this can be intense,” according to the microblogging social media platform’s examples.

The test is the latest in a long line of modifications by Twitter aimed at promoting ‘conversational health,’ or healthy talks on the platform.

According to Mashable India, it is modelled after several Twitter conversation health initiatives – some of which have been regarded more successful than others – such as the ability to limit replies, so-called humanisation prompts, and quote-tweet prompts.

The company told Mashable India that the example it supplied is the only one presently being tried and that, while the experiment is minor, more (probably) similar experiments will be conducted in the future.

The announced vibe check has already elicited responses from Twitter users.


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