OnePlus 9 RT to have a touch sampling rate of 600Hz and a specialised cooling system


OnePlus 9 RT will be available in only two days, and the company’s latest teasers describe the new smartphone’s touch sample rate and cooling system.

According to GSM Arena, the OnePlus 9 RT will be the company’s first phone to include a touch sampling rate of 600Hz. According to OnePlus, the latest optimizations reduced click delay by 57% and slide delay by 47%.

The phone was co-developed with the OnePlus eSports team. The 9 RT will continue to use a 6.55-inch Samsung E4 display with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Additionally, OnePlus detailed the RT’s redesigned cooling system, which boasts a five-layer structure covering the biggest surface covered by a OnePlus smartphone to date. This will be necessary to keep the Snapdragon 888 chipset under control.

The redesigned cooling system incorporates graphite sheets and is expected to provide 20% more heat dissipation efficiency than the outgoing OnePlus 9R. Additionally, OnePlus revealed that the phone will be available in black and silver and will feature 7GB of virtual RAM.

On October 13, the OnePlus 9 RT will be available in China. Although OnePlus is expected to launch the new smartphone in China first, it is expected to make its way to India as well. The OnePlus 9 RT launch date in India has not yet been revealed.


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