Microsoft has converted the Windows Subsystem for Linux into an app that Windows 11 users can easily download and install

Windows 11
Windows 11

Microsoft, the American technology corporation, has converted the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) into an app that Windows 11 users can easily download and install from the Microsoft Store.

According to The Verge, a preview version of the software is currently available; it enables Windows 11 users to install Windows Subsystem for Linux without having to navigate to add/remove applications and pick WSL as an optional mailbox component for Windows.

This distinct programme will now be serviced via the store, allowing Microsoft to update WSL independently of Windows, allowing WSL users to “receive the newest WSL upgrades and features faster and without modifying your Windows version.”

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While this version of the Store app has no new features, it does mean that future updates will be available without the need to wait for a larger Windows release or update.

Microsoft enabled Linux graphical user interface (GUI) apps on Windows 10 for developers last year, and similar functionality will be available instantly in the future in the Microsoft Store. However, it appears as though this Microsoft Store application for WSL will only run on Windows 11.

Microsoft omitted Windows 10 from its blog post, implying that customers will need to update in order to take advantage of the Microsoft Store app. This is wonderful news for Windows 11 users, particularly those working in enterprise situations, where it is frequently necessary to wait for the latest Windows versions.

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Microsoft will continue to support the inbox version of WSL, allowing you to run it alongside the Microsoft Store version, and plans to gradually migrate Windows 11 customers to the Microsoft Store version.

“Our goal is to make installing and using WSL in the Microsoft Store the optimal approach, as you’ll get the newest updates faster that way, and in the long run, we’d like to migrate all WSL users to the store version,” Craig Loewen, a programme manager for the Windows developer platform, told The Verge.


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