Instagram shutting down IGTV feature

Instagram News
Instagram News

Instagram has finally admitted that IGTV, its initial foray into video, was a failure.

According to The Verge, the firm will rename IGTV as ‘Instagram TV’ on Tuesday and will also discontinue the IGTV-exclusive video format.

Videos posted to the main Instagram feed can now be up to 60 minutes long, previously restricted for IGTV videos, and users are no longer required to exit the main app to see them.

According to an Instagram representative, the IGTV, which has been renamed Instagram TV, will continue to be a “place for people to visit with the aim of viewing video.”

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IGTV was launched in June 2018 with the goal of establishing a mobile alternative to YouTube, allowing users to discover and watch longer videos. However, the longer format failed to gain traction, and only two months later, an app named TikTok appeared in the United States.

Instagram has recently refocused its video efforts on TikTok with the launch of its short video format Reels in August 2020. Instagram has aggressively pushed Reels ahead, giving them a prominent location in the app’s navigation, beginning to sell adverts, and cross-posting them to Facebook’s News Feed.

According to The Verge, Reels still has one significant flaw: it does not provide a regular mechanism for producers to be compensated, as YouTube and TikTok do. By the end of 2022, Facebook intends to pay creators USD 1 billion. While some of the money has been distributed to Reels creators, there is currently no dedicated system for video creators to be compensated, which is always a fantastic approach to encourage people to create content on your platform.


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