Users can now delete their Microsoft account’s password entirely


Users can now delete their Microsoft account’s password entirely and sign in to the company’s services using alternate authentication methods.

Users will no longer be required to enter a password to access their Microsoft account. The announcement comes days after the firm stated its aim to phase out passwords entirely in favour of more secure authentication methods such as biometric scans, verification codes, authentication apps, and security keys.

According to Mashable India, users can access the company’s services without requiring passwords by using other authentication methods such as Windows Hello, security keys, verification codes, or the Microsoft Authenticator app.

According to the tech titan, “Passwords are extremely vulnerable to malicious assaults, as users frequently reuse them across several accounts or create new passwords using simplistic formulas. These are quite easy to guess for hackers who can obtain access to compromised accounts via password spray assaults and phishing.”

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To genuinely go passwordless on your Microsoft account, Mashable India has outlined the procedures below:

Step 1: Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the portal and turn on Advanced Security Options > Additional Security > Passwordless Account.

Step 3: Upon completion of the on-screen instructions, you will see a notification stating that “by deleting your password, you have boosted the security of your account and improved your sign-in experience.”

Users may choose to change their accounts to use passwords if they so desire. However, the company’s adjustment has been implemented and will be available to all customers within the next two weeks.


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