Instagram’s new feature to allow users to mark other users as ‘Favourites’


Instagram, a Facebook-owned social media network, has been testing a new feature that will allow users to designate other users as ‘Favorites.’

According to The Verge, ‘Favorites’ will enable users to prioritise their most significant Instagram accounts (friends and creators) so that their posts would appear “higher” in the user’s feed.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a smartphone developer, published the news of this new function on his Twitter account first.

If this feature seems similar, it’s because Instagram tested a distinct ‘Favorites’ tool in 2017, which allowed users to limit the audience for each post to a specific demographic.

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For instance, rather of sharing their wedding photo with their whole following, one might share it with only their specified favourites.

However, the 2021 iteration of ‘Favourites’ is all about providing you greater control over your feed by notifying Instagram of your most significant accounts.

Users often follow a variety of businesses and creators on their accounts, but their material is not always prioritised alongside that of their closest friends and family.

According to Instagram’s June 2021 blog post about its algorithm, the order of your feed is now determined by the most recent and shared posts from the people you follow, as well as other “signals” such as how likely you are to engage with a post.

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While you may ‘like’ several of the posts you see, they may not be the type of content you’re seeking for and may be giving Instagram the wrong signals about the type of stuff you want to see in your feed.

According to The Verge, it is unknown whether or not this ‘Favorites’ option will become an official feature or if it will undergo changes before being rolled out more publicly.

In the meanwhile, users may notice this feature in their account menu, directly beneath ‘Close Friends,’ a tool that allows users to select who sees their Stories.


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