Sky Wire Broadcast partners with Kiloview to bring IP-based solutions in Media

Sky Wire Broadcast partners with Kiloview to bring IP-based solutions in Media
Sky Wire Broadcast partners with Kiloview to bring IP-based solutions in Media

Sky Wire Broadcast, a well-known importer of a diverse range of Audio-Video and Broadcast Equipment, recently partnered with Kiloview, a company that provides effective solutions for IP-based live production.

This alliance aims to enhance the broadcast and telecommunications industries’ services.

By partnering with a leading provider of IP-based video transmission solutions, Sky Wire Broadcast intends to incorporate video encoding, decoding, conversion, IP-based video switching, and streaming capabilities into their broadcasting equipment, including Voice Intercom, NDI, PTZ control, OSD, cropping, and recording.

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Sky Wire Broadcast, founded by industry expert Avnish Singh, specialises in TV Broadcast Solutions, Online Educational Solutions, Live Streaming, TV Channel Setup, News Channel Setup, and consultancy for News Agency Registration and TV Channel License Registration in India, among other services.

Live audio and video data transmission over IP is becoming more prevalent, progressively displacing analogue AV transmission. Indeed, it is evolving into an extraordinarily adaptable and scalable technology capable of saving a company significant sums of money and energy.

AV over IP may be used in a variety of processes, including video transmission, webcasting/streaming, VOD settings, and broadcast setups, which is exactly what Sky Wire Broadcast intends to do with their partnership with Kiloview.

According to the government, the Media & Entertainment industry is predicted to reach 39 billion dollars in revenue by 2024, growing at a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019 to 2024.

Within the M&E sector, the Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) sector is developing at a 29 percent clip, while the audiovisual sector and related services are increasing at a 25 percent clip; and with such outstanding cooperation in place, the graph can only continue to increase.

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Avnish Singh, founder of Avnish, discusses his vision and hopes for this collaboration “By 2024, the media and entertainment industry is expected to reach $39 billion and grow at a CAGR of 9% from 2019 to 2024, making it critical for us to cater to these growing markets through effective growth and development. As a result, we are continually evolving to establish Sky Wire Broadcast as a market leader across several business sectors and to strengthen the firm with new talent and high-quality resources. We believe that networking is critical, and we have been generating possibilities for Sky Wire Broadcast and using its years of experience to achieve significant growth “‘.

Sky Wire Broadcast also intends to establish a new education platform in the coming months that will focus on rural areas’ growth and exposure. With such robust procedures in place, Avnish Singh envisions Sky Wire Broadcast expanding at a breakneck pace, reaching new heights in the field.

source: ANI/ThePRTree


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