KTM launches new X-Bow inspired from GT race car | 2020 New Launch

KTM has always been in news for its revolutionary bikes and crazy paint schemes, back in 2008 when KTM launched X-BOW for the first time the world was in awe.

In 2020 they have again rewritten the rules of what a car can be and presented the all new X-BOW.

xbow front

This new car comes with a lot of design prowess and shows the hard work KTM engineers have been doin over the year. You can check out the detailed version on their website KTM , and also there is a series on YouTube showing the process of design of the car.

This car is currently available in 6 variants and for more info you can send a mail to KTM.


These cars comes with a 2.5ltr 5 cylinder TFSI Audi engine with a factory fitted Akrapovic exhaust.

Car is build with a Carbon Monocoque with roll cage for driver safety. Its steering houses a screen to display all the relevant information just like race cars.

Apart from all the bells and whistles of a super car this light weight car is road legal so that you can enjoy this car wherever you wish.

Which car do you like better BAC mono or X-BOW?? Let us know in the comments!!

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