Scientific data sharing provided our government’s utmost attention: Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, DST Secretary at STS Forum

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma: Corona virus vaccines are in advanced trial stages, and India is capable of providing the vaccine to a large part of humanity.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, underlined India’s growing attention to the sharing of scientific data, as shown by India ‘s National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (INDSAP) and an open government data portal at the 17th annual Science Technology and Society (STS) Forum.

For inclusion in the context of the New S T I P 2020, scientific data sharing is being considered. The new water is data, and we want to share it as global partners,’ emphasised Prof. Sharma.

The online Ministerial Roundtable on Science & Technology, hosted by Japan on 3 October 2020, addressed the role of international collaborative research and development, social sciences and humanities, and open science. It saw the involvement of S&T leaders from about 50 countries around the world and discussed the possibilities emerging from international science and technology partnerships to resolve the challenges raised by COVID 19.

India’s major initiatives in S&T partnership, social sciences & open science were highlighted by Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary of the Department of Science & Technology, who represented India at the Ministers’ Roundtable. He said India places special emphasis on international S&T cooperation for development and for addressing the challenges of health, water , energy, the atmosphere, climate change, connectivity and natural disasters.

He talked about the successful S&T partnership between India and over 40 countries worldwide. We are also part of all major multilateral and regional S&T platforms and organisations, including the EU, BRICS, ASEAN, G20, Africa Initiatives, UN and OECD S&T platforms, as well as international mega-science projects such as ITER, TMT, LIGO, and so on. “Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Coalitions, the International Solar Alliance and Mission Innovation are India’s global disaster management and clean energy initiatives,” he said.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma pointed out that coronavirus vaccines are in advanced stages of trial, and India has the potential to provide the vaccine to a large part of humanity.

Countries such as Argentina , Australia , Brazil, Indonesia , India, Iraq, Russia, South Africa, and others took part in the high-level ministerial conference.

The group of the forum highlighted the vital role of S&T in tackling the current pandemic situation and accepted that strong international cooperation in the fields of science and technology, cutting-edge science and open science will be the most effective tools for resolving the current crisis and planning for the future crisis.

Every year, the Roundtable of Science and Technology Ministers is held along with the STS forum. The goal of the STS Forum is to provide a new framework for open informal discussions and to create a human network to solve new types of problems emerging from the application of science and technology in due course.

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