Aeroleads is pushing through the conventional way of marketing and helping business with better leads


Founded by Pushkar Gaikwad in the year of 2016, Aeroleads is a company in the software market, niched towards finding business emails and finding proper email IDs for generating leads for your business in real-time. 

The main work of a company is to hunt customers based on their maximum potential, a chance to gather more leads that can help for the incoming business. Plus, we all understand the need for email marketing at the hour. Email marketing is growing at a steady pace and in no sooner time, it is going to be what every business talks about. 

Email marketing is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy. The amount of digital marketing tactics available to a business today has grown significantly, and email marketing is an essential component in any successful campaign. However, with so many different options available on the market today, it can be difficult to know what features are most beneficial for your enterprise.

Thus Aeroleads gives you the chance to grow on your business potential with the use of leads via email. Well, how is it done? It’s simple. You just need to sign up and install the free Chrome plugin and do the following steps which are mentioned for every tool based on marketing. 

About the Founder

Pushkar Gaikwad

Pushkar Gaikwad is not a stranger to the entrepreneurship market. His other ventures  InBoundio (a white-label marketing software) and another called WorkMonk (a platform to connect with freelance professionals) have been a huge hit as well. The idea behind the generation of this tool was pretty simple. Conducting a normal sales process is quite the struggle as a lot of things are needed to be onboard. For example, while collecting leads via email for a business, every entrepreneur needs to look out for options that come cheaper, more effective, and easy to conduct. 

Thus Aeroleads takes care of all the pain points present and creates email marketing easier than ever before. The idea behind the tool is quite well thought out and put by Pushkar Gaikwad as he quoted saying, ‘My team and I in Bangalore wanted to do something that actually creates value. This is why we wanted to make the email marketing process easier for businesses and even individual clients so that working and gathering leads becomes easier. We innovated on the process and the generation for the data was quite the driving power for us and our team to move forward with the idea. I think with ongoing time, we create better value, instill our customers’ faith and channelize towards our company’s growth structure. 

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