India’s first-ever ‘All Women Himalayan Cycling Tour’ by Backpacker XP

India's first-ever 'All Women Himalayan Cycling Tour' by Backpacker XP
India's first-ever 'All Women Himalayan Cycling Tour' by Backpacker XP

BackpackerXP, India’s premier travel website, is conducting a women-only travel expedition dubbed ‘All Women Himalayan Cycling Tour’ from 28th August to 8th September 2021. The excursion has been planned with all safety measures and precautions in mind in order to increase women’s travel participation.

The journey begins in lush green pine and deodar woods and ends in the frigid barren mountains of Zanskar, passing through five high altitude passes on the way to the highest motorable pass – Khardhung La. (Khardung Pass, la means pass in Tibetan). This one-of-a-kind cycling vacation is designed to provide a safe haven for all women to come together as a family and overcome obstacles together.

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Additionally, the cycling adventure will be led by renowned Trans Himalayan female cyclist Sabhita Mahato, who is a women empowerment speaker and a world record holder for mounting an unidentified virgin peak (6493M) in Arunachal Pradesh’s Eastern Himalayan range. Sabita is a skilled mountaineer who has scaled the peaks of Satopanth (Utrakhand), Kedardome (Utrakhand), Gourichen (Andhra Pradesh), Renock, and Sotke Kangri (Ladakh).

Sabhita Mahato, speaking about the programme, states, “Internationally, the number of women participating in or working in the adventure business is exponentially greater than in India. The primary reason is the stigma associated with adventure safety, as well as a lack of exposure to the industry’s growth potential. This all-female cycling trip provides an opportunity to effect the necessary shift in motivating and inspiring women from all walks of life to come together and enjoy it.”

Anand Singh Bundela and Siddharth Rathore, the venture’s founders, state, “This trip is an effort to assist women who are passionate about travel but lack the money to pursue their passion. As a result of this tour, these ladies will be motivated to push their boundaries and seek life-changing experiences that instil a sense of freedom and independence in them. BackpackerXP collaborates closely with the travel ecosystem to connect licenced adventure guides capable of enforcing safety standards while using high-quality gear with remote ecolodges that adhere to ecotourism and sustainability regulations “‘.

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BackpackerXP is a community for adventurers who are continually on the lookout for ultimate travel experiences into the most remote locations and off the beaten path. Their devoted team of specialists and in-house professionals work tirelessly to create one-of-a-kind trips that will test participants’ tolerance for uncertainty. Participating in this tour will assist ladies in discovering their inner passion and creating experiences worth cherishing.

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