Home Press Release DP World Launches Global Freight Forwarding Network

DP World Launches Global Freight Forwarding Network

DP World Launches Global Freight Forwarding Network

  • Including 16 plus locations in India in major metros and tier I cities
  • DP World now operates 100 branches, launched in the last eight months in a bold move that has expanded its global freight forwarding offer, with more branches to come
  • Over 1,000 jobs created, more new roles to be added as DP World expands its freight forwarding offering

India (city) March 19th: DP World has inaugurated the latest in a string of more than 100 freight forwarding offices across the world, marking a significant expansion aimed at supporting customers navigating the complexities of global trade. 

In response to increasing disruptions to global trade – from climate change, geopolitics and macroeconomic challenges – DP World has embarked on a bold initiative to bolster its commitment to its customers.

The offices already employ 1,000 staff, adding to DP World’s already 108,000-strong team and this is expected to grow significantly over the next 12 months, helping move more than 10% of global trade every year. In India, DP World has a strong freight forwarding network with offices in over 16 locations including major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and tier I cities like Pune, Ahmedabad, Cochin, and Jaipur to name a few. 

Fuelled by global trade disruptions, businesses are now prioritising dynamic strategies to build resilience into their supply chains, according to Economist Impact research. The traditional asset-light freight forwarding model, which moves cargo via third parties, has proven to be susceptible to disruption at key chokepoints and can have knock-on effects for inventory and fulfilment planning for businesses and their customers. 

With businesses seeking increased control over their supply chains, DP World’s expansion comes at a pivotal time for the global logistics and supply chain industry. By expanding its freight forwarding offering, with a focus on air and ocean freight, DP World will deploy its ‘toolbox’ of services or capabilities made up of ports, terminals, warehouses, trucks, rail and shipping services to increase control and resilience, supported by proprietary digital technology, whilst also working with complementary partners across the supply chain to boost efficiency.  

With freight forwarding offices being opened across the world, DP World is building on its end-to-end network of high-value port assets and specialist expertise across ports, trucking, air and ocean freight, customs and warehousing services that spans over 430 business units in 86 countries.  

The growing service currently spans order and origin management, port handling and freight management for ocean and air, and at-destination services such as customs, drayage, logistics, last-mile delivery, deconsolidation and bonded warehousing services. Additionally, DP World offers a variety of value-add services including embedded trade finance, commodity-specific services, cars in containers, transload and advanced hubs and more. 

This is all accessed through a single digital window that is backed by an integrated Global Services Centre that centralises back-end processes, made up of over 500 IT specialists. The advanced digital system means customers can track their goods in real time and easily manage their cargo journey.   

Akash Agrawal, VP Freight Forwarding at DP World, India Subcontinent and MENA, said: “We are constantly evolving our business to ensure that we deliver seamless logistics solutions to customers. Our expansion in freight forwarding complements this vision. With 100 branches across the world – 16 locations in India, we offer customers air and ocean freight, trucking services, customs clearance and warehousing facilities. We remain committed to simplifying global trade for our customers by offering them end to end solutions that make trade flow.” 

DP World’s latest expansion is not only increasing the size of its global logistics team to more than 45,000 employees but also contributes to the company’s total global workforce of nearly 110,000 people. These employees are distributed across a diversified portfolio of logistics services spanning: ports and terminals, marine services, and logistics.

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About DP World  

Trade is the lifeblood of the global economy, creating opportunities and improving the quality of life for people around the world. DP World exists to make the world’s trade flow better, changing what’s possible for the customers and communities we serve globally.   

With a dedicated, diverse and professional team of more than 108,100 employees from 161 nationalities, spanning 86 countries on six continents, DP World is pushing trade further and faster towards a seamless supply chain that’s fit for the future.  

We’re rapidly transforming and integrating our businesses — Ports and Terminals, Marine Services, Logistics and Technology – and uniting our global infrastructure with local expertise to create stronger, more efficient end-to-end supply chain solutions that can change the way the world trades. 

What’s more, we’re reshaping the future by investing in innovation. From intelligent delivery systems to automated warehouse stacking, we’re at the cutting edge of disruptive technology, pushing the sector towards better ways to trade, minimising disruptions from the factory floor to the customer’s door.  


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