Home Press Release ZEE Bangla Unveils a Grand Design Refresh, Welcomes Durga Pujo Season with Enhanced Viewer Experience

ZEE Bangla Unveils a Grand Design Refresh, Welcomes Durga Pujo Season with Enhanced Viewer Experience

ZEE Bangla Unveils a Grand Design Refresh, Welcomes Durga Pujo Season with Enhanced Viewer Experience

Takes inspiration from the Brand Promise – Notun Chhondey Likhbo Jibon (Orchestrate life in a new rhythm)

National, October 16, 2023: Zee Bangla, a prominent name in the Bangla Entertainment industry, has ushered in the festive season of Durga Pujo with a spectacular unveiling of its redesigned aesthetics, dedicated to enhancing the overall viewing experience. Timed perfectly with the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya, the channel’s design philosophy now reflects the rich cultural heritage of Bengal, embracing the vibrant spirit that defines the region. Central to this transformation is the symbol of the ‘fish’, deeply ingrained in Bengali culture. An omnipresent figure in the life of every Bengali, the ‘fish’ marks this new beginning with the promise of success, prosperity, and progress.

The innovative design strategy, rooted in the latest advancements in “Neuroscience,” maximizes business impact by boosting brand partner visibility and ensuring greater platform recall. This scientific approach, built on a holistic understanding of the consumer journey across broadcast and digital platforms, enhances information retention and captures viewer attention for an unparalleled experience.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer – East, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., said, “Zee Bangla has always been deeply connected with the hearts of the Bengali viewers. As we usher in the auspicious occasion of Pujo, we wanted to bring a fresh and enhanced viewing experience to our consumers, enabling them to rejoice in the festivities with their loved ones. To further deliver on our brand promise of ‘Notun Chhondey Likhbo Jibon’, this year we are urging each Bengali to take a resolution – ‘Amra Bhaalo Rakhbo Maa,’ – uniting all to pave the path toward a brighter tomorrow.”

Speaking on the new development, Mr. Kartik Mahadev, Chief Marketing Officer – Content SBU, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. said, “Our unwavering mission at ZEE has always been to consistently craft and deliver extraordinary experiences to our viewers. As our stories touch the lives of millions, our design philosophy, rooted in our ‘Soul to Screen’ approach, becomes an authentic reflection of our audience’s world. Led by this, Zee Bangla finds its new design expression in the ubiquitous ‘fish’ – a central figure, holding its place of pride in many traditions across Bengal. The fresh interface captures the Bangaliana energy and verve, symbolizing the channel’s zeal to chart its next phase of growth, further solidifying ZEE network’s commitment to continuously create value for our viewers and build deeper connection with our brands.”

Navnita Chakraborty, Business Head – ZEE Bangla, added, “Our brand refresh is a celebration of the Bengali culture and takes inspiration from the vibrant spirit of our viewers. It represents our dedication to providing content that resonates and inspires. We are excited to embark on this journey and are confident that the audiences will continue to shower their love and support for Zee Bangla going forward as well.”

Zee Bangla’s metamorphosis revolves around the theme of ‘Vibrance,’ encapsulating the burgeoning inner strength and unwavering confidence of Naya Bharat that is venturing into uncharted territories with unparalleled vigour. This distinctive design philosophy finds its expression through the visual metaphor known as the ‘Circle of Spark,’ illuminating life’s most pivotal moments with impactful stories and aspirational characters.

In the spirit of elevating Pujo celebrations, Zee Bangla has given a unique twist to “Sabaike Bhalo Rakho Maa” – a phrase used in every Durga Puja with reverence. A promise to the Goddess of keeping everyone well has been brought to life with the new expression – “Amra Bhalo Rakhbo Maa” – an offering to the Goddess from all of us.

Furthermore, Zee Bangla is taking inspiration from the age-old Bangla saying, ‘Baro Mashe Tero Parbon,’ which translates to celebrating 13 festivals in just 12 months. The channel is recreating 10 of these rituals with its main characters, each engaging in various festivities. For instance, Porna will be part of the Kajol Utsav, while Simul and her friends will dance to Tushu’s tunes, adding a touch of nostalgia and the true essence of Bangaliana to this festive season. These hyper local cultural expressions of ‘Banglar Utsab Banglar Garbo’ will allow Zee Bangla to connect at the grassroots level, depicting diverse festival celebrations across Bengal in our vibrant new brand world.

By creating inspiring, immersive, and interactive experiences, the new chapter in Zee Bangla’s journey aligns with the larger network-level effort to prioritise consistency in consumer experience, as it continues to navigate the ever-changing entertainment landscape.


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