Home Press Release Uganda Airlines Selects Çelebi India as Its Preferred Ground Handling Services Partner in Mumbai, India

Uganda Airlines Selects Çelebi India as Its Preferred Ground Handling Services Partner in Mumbai, India

Uganda Airlines Selects Çelebi India as Its Preferred Ground Handling Services Partner in Mumbai, India

National, October 12, 2023: Çelebi India adds another milestone by announcing its latest partnership with Uganda Airlines to deliver exceptional ground handling services in the country. This significant union displays the unwavering commitment by Çelebi to raise the Indian aviation service standards and continuously deliver global standards ground and cargo handling services.

Çelebi India commenced supporting the ground handling services for Uganda Airlines’ with its inaugural direct flight from Entebbe to Mumbai on Saturday, October 7, 2023. Uganda Airlines has launched three weekly flights connecting Entebbe and Mumbai and has expressed its intention to further expand its presence in India. 

With a proven track record of over a decade, Çelebi has established a culture of excellence in ground handling services at Mumbai Airport, catering to both domestic and international airlines.

Mr. Tauseef Khan, CEO, Çelebi Ground Handling – India, said, “We are delighted to bring our ground handling expertise to Uganda Airlines in Mumbai. We anticipate a long-term partnership as Uganda Airlines expands its footprint in India. Our commitment remains steadfast in providing seamless services and contributing to the growth of aviation in India.”

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Jenifer Bamuturaki, Chief Executive Officer, Uganda Airlines, said, “Uganda Airlines is proud to strengthen the business and commercial ties between India and Uganda by launching direct flights from Entebbe to Mumbai. We are also planning to expand our network to other points in India. We extend our congratulations to Çelebi India for supporting the growing demand for air passenger and cargo services in India.”

Çelebi India recently commenced ground handling services at Chennai Airport, adding to its portfolio of nine airports in India, including major hubs such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Goa (Manohar International Airport, Mopa), and Kannur.

At the forefront of sustainability within the Indian ground handling industry, Çelebi India is dedicated to assisting the Indian aviation sector in achieving carbon neutrality. As part of its sustainability initiatives, the company has introduced eco-friendly services, including 100% electric, air-conditioned tarmac coaches, electric baggage and cargo towing tugs, taxi-bots, and bridge-mounted equipment services.

About Çelebi: 

Çelebi is one of the world’s leading ground handling companies with over 65 years of experience in the industry. It has played a vital role in the transformation of aviation landscapes in the countries where it has operations, viz.  Tanzania, Germany, Hungary, India, and Turkey. This global footprint gives Çelebi a distinguished place among the biggest European companies in the business. Çelebi is one of the largest independent ground handling companies in Europe and India as a full-service ground handling provider as per IATA standards. With over 13000 dedicated employees, Çelebi supports 300+ customers between 44 airports across the globe.


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