Home Press Release Arya.ag and Commodities Control Set New Standards in Toor Crop Surveillance in India

Arya.ag and Commodities Control Set New Standards in Toor Crop Surveillance in India

Arya.ag and Commodities Control Set New Standards in Toor Crop Surveillance in India

Arya.ag partners with Commodities Control to provide cutting-edge toor crop monitoring service, which is set to change the game for agriculture management

India, October 4, 2023 – Arya.ag, India’s largest and only profitable grain commerce platform, announced its recent partnership with commoditiescontrol.com, owned by CC commodity info services LLP. Under this partnership,  Arya.ag will provide comprehensive crop monitoring services to Commodities Control, a premier destination for in-depth commodity news, insights, and research in India. 

Arya.ag’s advanced satellite surveillance product, Prakshep, will be instrumental in monitoring the health and progress of Toor crops in specified districts of Commodities Control. Through its state-of-the-art satellite imagery, Arya.ag will help Commodities Control receive real-time insights into crop conditions of Toor in 28 districts of Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Telangana. 

Commodities Control will gain the ability to remotely scout its monitored districts, enabling them to detect anomalies and closely monitor farm growth. These valuable insights, including dynamic data, rich datasets, detailed maps, and comprehensive agricultural data, will be conveniently accessible through web and mobile applications provided by Arya.ag.

Commodities Control stands to benefit from a wealth of information. This data will be made accessible through enriched and secure APIs tailored to the subscribed districts, where cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools will be at the centre of this offering.

“This partnership with Commodities Control represents a step towards sustainable agriculture and responsible resource management. We provide them with the tools and insights they need to optimise their crop monitoring efforts. Our satellite surveillance technology and AI-powered solutions empower agri-stakeholders to make timely and informed decisions,” said Chattanathan D. of Arya.ag.

Arya.ag harnesses a multitude of data sources, spanning satellite imagery, weather information, market dynamics, and on-ground images. This comprehensive data ecosystem enables Arya.ag to monitor thousands of demonstration plots, track crop development, and identify both biological and environmental stress factors. As part of this partnership, Arya.ag will integrate farm and village analytics, offering users in-depth insights into farm performance. The data provided by Arya.ag will significantly elevate the quality of CC Commodities’ information services, enabling them to offer more comprehensive and insightful agricultural solutions.

“We are excited to formalise a partnership with Arya.ag through this venture, which marks a significant step towards modernising crop monitoring in the agricultural sector,” said  Rajendra Daga, Managing Partner at Commodities Control. “Arya.ag’s advanced satellite surveillance technology and artificial intelligence tools will enhance our ability to monitor and manage Toor crops effectively. This partnership aligns with our commitment to providing state-of-the-art agricultural solutions and will greatly benefit stakeholders across the regions we serve.”

This partnership underscores both companies’ dedication to innovation and their shared vision of advancing agriculture through cutting-edge technology. As Arya.ag and Commodities Control join forces, they are set to make a positive impact on crop monitoring and agricultural management.


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Commoditiescontrol.com, a CC Commodity Info Services LLP property, stands as India’s premier destination for in-depth commodity news, insights, and research. With a robust network spanning over 500 markets and mandis throughout India and augmented by international and domestic futures data, we deliver invaluable perspectives on both domestic and international commodity markets. Trusted by banks, brokerage firms, NBFCs, exchanges, MNCs, and a clientele of over 10,000 subscribers, our platform is backed by a seasoned team of experts and an expansive domestic and global network, ensuring our users receive timely and vital information for informed business decisions.


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