Home Press Release ZEE bags Brandon Hall Global HCM Excellence Awards

ZEE bags Brandon Hall Global HCM Excellence Awards

ZEE bags Brandon Hall Global HCM Excellence Awards

 Recognized with Gold under ‘Best Program for Upskilling Employees’, ‘Best Approach to Implementing a Learning Experience Platform’, ‘Best Development Program for Frontline Leaders’ and ‘Best Advance in Employee Recognition Program’

 Bags Silver in ‘Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy’ category

National, 22nd August 2023: ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), India’s leading content company bagged multiple awards at the 2023 edition of the prestigious Brandon Hall Global HCM (Human Capital Management) Excellence Awards. The awards include 4 gold and 1 silver. The company bagged gold across categories such as ‘Best Program for Upskilling Employees’, ‘Best Approach to Implementing a Learning Experience Platform’, ‘Best Development Program for Frontline Leaders’ and ‘Best Advance in Employee Recognition Program’; and Silver in ‘Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy’ award category.

Brandon Hall Group orchestrates the premier awards program in Human Capital Management, renowned for its longevity and magnitude. Operating as an independent Human Capital Management research and analyst firm, the entity provides strategic insights to executives and practitioners, guiding growth and driving business outcomes, while also recognizing the most iconic L&D initiatives at the Human Capital Management Excellence Awards. ZEE has received recognition for its tailored talent management initiatives that effectively foster learning and professional growth.

Speaking on the win, Mr. Animesh Kumar, President – HR & Transformation, ZEE said, “The acknowledgment from Brandon Hall Group reaffirms our dedication to pioneering, technology[1]infused learning as well as building a culture of appreciation. At ZEE, we have maintained a persistent commitment to integrate technology into our capability development and recognition efforts, enhancing their efficacy and adaptability. It is critical to note that equipping employees with new proficiencies is vital to match the pace of the ever-evolving M&E landscape. We are committed to enriching our workforce with a disruptive attitude through our learning initiatives, fostering skill acquisition and leadership development. Our investments in digital people-centric platforms, providing on-the-go accessibility to employees for such programmes, underscores this commitment.”

In line with the company’s long-term vision, the organization has been institutionalizing a strategic re-design to develop as well as encourage a learner-centric approach. Following a pioneering approach, ZEE has consistently promoted a culture of ‘Continuous Learning’, through the implementation of its iconic ‘Academy of Excellence’ model. Comprising of successful initiatives such as Compliance Academy, Digicademy and Lead-Your-Ship Academy. `The model is taking major strides in capability-building and developing a culture of continuous learning through upskilling, with an aim to chart the next phase of growth.

Mr. Dheeraj Jaggi, Head – Enterprise Culture and Capability Development and Head HR, Content SBU, ZEE said, “What glitters, must be gold. Our learner focused interventions have continued to glitter at the centre of the business purpose and growth. And nothing tastes better than the success of being bestowed four awards from a coveted body like Brandon Hall for our capabilities development strategy (Academy of excellence), Leadership development and digital and tech based employee learning solutions. Be it our robust capabilities development strategy or interventions and deployments as the outcome of it, every aspect is over indexed on the future of work with technology as a compelling vehicle. The future excites us and the team is excited to remain steadfast at creating meaning through several world class interventions.”

The company’s tech-led initiatives – ZEELOMPICS and Cheers4Peers have been adjudged as one of the best employee recognitions frameworks, thereby winning the ‘Best Advance in Employee Recognition Program’. ZEELOMPICS is one of the most successful and iconic employee recognition frameworks at ZEE, following a top-down approach. The quarterly recognition program felicitates 3% of the workforce that demonstrates competency led behaviors to drive key business outcomes. Another exceptional program recognized by the forum is the instant peer-to-peer internal digital recognition platform – Cheers4Peers. Through a social recognition format, this initiative aims at strengthening the relationship between peers, while capturing the organic expression of appreciation across levels.

Mr. Amit Sharma, Head – HR Revenue, Zee Music and Zee Studios & Head – Central HR said, “We are delighted to have received the prestigious Brandon Hall Global HCM Excellence Award for our industry-first people recognition initiatives. Through Cheers4Peers and ZEELOMPICS, we have been able to create a culture of recognition and appreciation which has been widely accepted across the organization. With such programmes, we have been successful in pioneering the much[1]needed internal digital transformation in the media and entertainment industry. This award is testament to the organization’s efforts to identify and inspire consistent employee performance, by recognizing the best talent across roles and levels. Following a digital-first approach, the tech-led platforms aim to reward the workforce’s unwavering passion to excel, which will enable us to chart the company’s next phase of growth.”

On back of these strategic programs, the company has been taking major strides to cultivate a culture of recognition, excellence, and continued learning. The company’s pioneering initiatives are set to lay the roadmap for the company’s next phase of growth, directing employees towards self-development and business growth, while also creating an agile, data-driven, creative problem[1]solving, innovation-driven Enterprise Culture.


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