World Peace Center, Alandi, G20 Interfaith Forum, and the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities announces the agenda for G20 Interfaith Summit

~ The event will commence with a reception on September 5th, followed by Forum sessions on September 6th and 7th ~

India, 25th August 2023: The iconic World Peace Dome in Pune is set to host the G20 Interfaith event summit, fostering dialogue and sustainable solutions from September 5th to 7th. In partnership with      World Peace Center, Alandi, G20 Interfaith Forum & Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities, the summit aims to unite religious leaders and faith-based organizations to address global challenges and promote peace. As a special honour, a life-size statue of Dr. Vishwanath Karad, Founder President, MIT-WPU will be unveiled on the opening day, recognizing his visionary role in education and peace advocacy.

Spread over two and one-half days, the event will consist of plenary sessions as well as thematic break-out sessions. The event will also be made available to a broader global audience and will focus on specific global topics, including:

▪ A child-centered vision for the 2020s

▪ Galvanizing action to mobilize resources for recovery and social protection 

▪ Assets, risks, and ethics that the Artificial Intelligence revolution presents to communities

▪ Post-COVID action: pandemic preparedness and health system reform

▪ Food security

▪ Urgent humanitarian and peacebuilding action

▪ Protection of religious and cultural heritage

▪ Action on Climate Change

▪ Ensuring the most vulnerable are not left behind

Global Perspectives on Education 

Perspectives on National Education Policy

Dr. Vishwanath Karad, Visionary Educationist, UNESCO Chair Holder and Founder President of MIT World Peace University, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The World Peace Dome radiates its dedication to fostering wisdom, knowledge dissemination, and positive societal change. As we gather under the towering embrace of the World Peace Dome, we find unity in diversity, purpose in collaboration, and hope in dialogue. The G20 Interfaith Summit symbolizes our commitment to forging a harmonious and sustainable world. Let our discussions transcend differences and sow the seeds of lasting peace for generations to come.”

Executive President Rahul Karad emphasised the importance of interfaith dialogue and cooperation within the G20, highlighting how diverse perspectives can lead to innovative solutions for global challenges. He also mentioned the need for mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration among different faiths to promote peace, economic stability, and sustainable development on a global scale.

He added, “MIT-WPU is one of the first universities in the world to offer a high-quality education that is infused with the principles of peace. The G20 Interfaith Summit is aligned with our core belief that the union of science and spirituality is the only way to achieve peace for all humankind. I am delighted to welcome all supporters of the global peace movement and the interfaith alliance to this three-day event, which will enlighten us all and pave the way for a brighter future.”

Dr. R. M. Chitnis, Vice Chancellor, MIT-WPU further added, “Interfaith G-120 Summit: where diverse beliefs converge to pave a path of understanding and cooperation. Through dialogue and collaboration, we can bridge divides and build a world where compassion and respect flourish.” 

Dr. Milind Pande, Pro-Vice Chancellor, MIT-WPU concluded, “Within the shared tapestry of global challenges, the G20 Interfaith Summit stands as a beacon of unity, compassion, and actionable change. As we gather under the dome of collective wisdom, we recognize the urgent issues of education, food security, cultural heritage, amongst the many. This summit is a testament to our unwavering commitment to transform dialogue into deeds, to turn hope into tangible solutions. Together, embracing diverse faiths and perspectives, we weave a fabric of hope, stitching together an inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable world for generations to come.” 

The G20 Interfaith event will bring together a broad collection of people from India and around the World with an anticipated participation of over 2000 attendees, including more than 100 professional speakers and presenters. Government officials, representatives of international organisations, members of civil society, academics, and members of religious groups will come together to create a shared vision for a better future.

As participants come together under the iconic World Peace Dome, they will collectively reinforce the purpose of peace, collaboration, and transformation.

To know more about the event, please visit:

About the G20 Interfaith Forum

The G20 Interfaith Forum was launched in 2014, under the auspices of Australia’s Presidency of the G20. It has progressed from a largely academic gathering timed to coincide with the G20 Summit to a sustained alliance of diverse religious leaders, practitioners from humanitarian, peacebuilding, and development organizations, and scholars. The purpose is to contribute to and help to shape global agendas through practical and ethical experience and wisdom of the world’s diverse religious communities, which are often absent from global forums. The extensive contributions of the related “network of networks” as well as the prophetic voice and leadership of renowned religious leaders can enrich the G20 deliberations and contribute, alongside parallel and often interlinked constituencies (civil society, youth, business, etc.) to addressing the urgent problems facing the world and its leaders.

About World Peace Dome 

The WORLD PEACE DOME is a remarkable monument dedicated to the Centre of Wisdom, Knowledge Dissemination, and Social Transformation. Its conception, design, planning, and creation were carried out under the guidance and supervision of Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Karad, an esteemed Educationist and Advocate of Peace. This visionary project embodies the profound ideals of peace and spirituality.

Indian Philosopher Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara World Peace Dome stands as a testament to architectural splendor and holds immense significance in the realm of knowledge. Its purpose is to foster a holistic, peace-loving, and harmonious global society, conveying the message of peace and divinity.

About the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities

The Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities was established to empower faith leaders to work for the safety and security of our communities, tackling issues such as child sexual abuse, extremism, radicalization, and human trafficking. The IAFSC aims to facilitate the building of bridges between key stakeholders including faith communities, NGOs, and experts in various domains. The IAFSC is conscious of the importance of empowering faith leaders, both at the institutional and grass-root levels, with knowledge, and to mobilize them to play a more active role in community safety.


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