Home Press Release Spinny grooves with Mitraz, Kabir Cafe, and Aditya A at Indie Hain Hum, Bengaluru

Spinny grooves with Mitraz, Kabir Cafe, and Aditya A at Indie Hain Hum, Bengaluru

Spinny grooves with Mitraz, Kabir Cafe, and Aditya A at Indie Hain Hum, Bengaluru

Bengaluru, 14 August, 2023: To bring together the essence of Indie music, artistry, and diversity, Spinny, a full-stack used car retailer, recently took centre stage to support the culture phenomenon, “Indie Hain Hum,” which unfolded in the heart of Bengaluru.

The event was held at the bustling Phoenix Marketcity, where the spotlight shone on Mitraz, Kabir Cafe, and Aditya A. Drawing a crowd of more than 2000, it was attended by Indie music enthusiasts, art lovers, and cultural connoisseurs into a collective tapestry of creativity and connection.

Partnering with a full-stack platform for buying and selling used cars provided an opportunity to capture the attention of the younger generation. This collaboration created a platform to raise awareness about the importance of used cars.

About Spinny

Founded in 2015, Spinny is a full-stack used-car retailing platform that aims to bring about transparency and trust in the car buying and selling process for India. Spinny operates across the entire value chain of pre-owned cars, embedding superior technology and processes to deliver a simple and delightful car-buying and selling experience to customers. 

As a testimony of Spinny’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and quality, each car on its platform comes with a 200-point inspection checklist, 5-day no questions asked money-back guarantee, and 1-year after-sales warranty. Every Spinny car is handpicked and comes with a clean history. On average, only 1 out 20 cars pass through Spinny’s 200-parameter inspection checklist. All Spinny cars are listed on the website (www.spinny.com) where a customer can view the assortment of cars available for sale and filter them based on his or her requirement. Once a customer books a car, Spinny manages all the paperwork on behalf of the customer, includes free RC transfer, and provides financing options through tie-ups with reputed partners. Currently, Spinny operates 20 car hubs across 15 cities – Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. Spinny has approximately 3000-plus employees across India.


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