Home Press Release Namma Yatri Pioneers Digital Empowerment for Drivers with Innovative Subscription Model

Namma Yatri Pioneers Digital Empowerment for Drivers with Innovative Subscription Model

Namma Yatri Pioneers Digital Empowerment for Drivers with Innovative Subscription Model

·         Bengaluru’s auto app empowers drivers to earn Rs 100 Cr without any commission

·         17 lakh satisfied customers have embraced the open mobility app in Bengaluru

·         App introduces nominal driver subscription fee for sustainability

·         Over 35,000 drivers opt in, showing strong support for the subscription plan

Bengaluru – Aug 22, 2023 – Namma Yatri (NY), the Bengaluru-based mobility app dedicated to empowering drivers, has unveiled innovative subscription models to boost driver earnings while reducing customer fare. This announcement comes as NY celebrates a significant milestone, with its drivers collectively earning over INR 100 Crores without paying any commission. The platform’s success has made it a role model for other cities in India.

NY, built in partnership with Bengaluru’s auto drivers by Juspay Technologies, is on a mission to make technology as accessible as a utility for drivers allowing them to earn more while ensuring customers pay less. With a thriving community of 89,000+ drivers and serving over 17 lakh customers, NY operates as an open platform, logging approximately 90,000 daily trips and over 79 lakh trips in the last 9 months.

Auto driver Mr. Prassana applauded NY, stating, “If there is only the Namma Yatri App, that will be plenty for us because we get to deal with customers directly and receive payment without any commissions, making both customers and drivers happy.”

Echoing this sentiment, Mr Munraju, another auto driver, expressed, “It’s really convenient for us since Namma Yatri arrived; customers and drivers quickly get rides. We are now able to earn more money. The subscription plans introduced by Namma Yatri are flexible and affordable.”

NY’s community-led, open platform has garnered a loyal following, becoming Bengaluru’s favourite mobility app. As it scales, NY is transitioning from being a CSR initiative of Juspay to becoming a self-sustaining, long-term initiative. To ensure the sustainability of its innovative direct-to-driver model, NY has introduced nominal subscription fees. This move underscores NY’s commitment to enhancing driver welfare and optimising costs to benefit drivers.

The response from drivers has been very positive. NY offers two subscription plans tailored to drivers’ preferences. The “Daily Unlimited” plan, at just Rs. 25 per day, allows unlimited rides, with the first ride free. Alternatively, the “Daily Per Trip” plan charges Rs. 3.50 per trip for up to 10 trips daily, with rides beyond that being free. Both plans are fundamentally different from the commission based model and offer substantial cost savings for drivers compared to traditional aggregators.

Speaking about this development, Shan MS, Chief Growth Officer of Juspay said, – “The subscription model enables our continued service to drivers and facilitates future welfare programs for drivers. Within a week of launching these plans, over 35,000 drivers have opted-in, with 7,500 completing the subscription process organically. Official fee collection begins on Sep 1, 2023, with NY committed to maintaining this fee structure for one year and actively exploring further price reductions in the future.”

NY’s innovative subscription models are designed to strengthen its mission of empowering drivers while delivering cost-effective and reliable transportation to customers. The platform’s evolution exemplifies the future of urban mobility, driven by sustainability, fairness, and the wellbeing of all stakeholders.


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