Home Press Release Croma’s Independence Day Campaign ‘Let Freedom Find You’ urges you to embrace freedom in everyday life!

Croma’s Independence Day Campaign ‘Let Freedom Find You’ urges you to embrace freedom in everyday life!

Croma’s Independence Day Campaign ‘Let Freedom Find You’ urges you to embrace freedom in everyday life!

~This campaign takes a 360-degree marketing approach in various touchpoints to maximize reach and consumer engagement~

National, August 8th, 2023: Croma has launched a series of relatable digital films as part of their Independence Day Campaign, “Let Freedom Find You.” The campaign instills a powerful message that freedom can be found in the simplest moments. It highlights how technology significantly brings people closer to their moments of freedom or even becoming the moments themselves.

Croma’s #LetFreedomFindYou campaign celebrates the essence of freedom by delving into life’s simplest and most unexpected moments. Conceptualized by Croma, directed by Gaurav Gupta, and executed by Mothership Productions, the three thoughtful and relatable 10-second DVCs bring to life stories of individuals who break free from monotony, embrace their passions, and find solace in creativity.

The first DVC unfolds in a living room as a football flies through the window, momentarily angering the mother. However, we witness her taking a moment to rethink her anger. She then smiles and kicks the ball back out, influenced by Shaolin Soccer playing on TV. The film beautifully conveys the message of finding our freedom in the little things in our daily lives. 

To everyone’s surprise, the second DVC introduces us to a CEO entering the office pantry. He is visibly annoyed by something but surprises everyone as he starts to cook something, thereby finding solace and release through the act of creation. Amidst his hectic corporate life, cooking becomes his moment of freedom.

The third DVC opens in the living room, where two kids are creating a dance reel for social media. They suddenly stop and are hesitant/scared as their father walks in and stares at them momentarily in what we feel is anger, but to the kid’s pleasant surprise, he also starts dancing along. The DVC ends with all three of them enjoying together. The father created his moment of freedom and enjoyed it with his kids.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Shibashish Roy, Chief Operating Officer Croma, said, “We believe technology is more than just a tool; it’s a way to limitless freedom. Our ‘Let Freedom Find You’ campaign shows how technology lets us escape the ordinary, find joy, creativity, and express ourselves. We are passionately committed to inspiring people to find their unique journey to freedom as they seamlessly integrate technology in every aspect of their lives.”

Croma’s Independence Day campaign, “Let Freedom Find You,” will reach audiences through diverse channels, including digital platforms, social media, and nationwide retail stores. Through these touching films, Croma celebrates the cherished activities and fleeting instants that remind us of the true meaning of freedom and how it intertwines with our daily lives. As a brand committed to pioneering technology solutions, Croma warmly invites everyone to join the jubilant festivities of freedom with the inspiring #LetFreedomFindYou campaign.

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