Home Press Release Adani Wilmar’s ‘Health Aaj Se’ Campaign Spotlights Fortune Xpert Total Balance Oil for a Healthier Tomorrow

Adani Wilmar’s ‘Health Aaj Se’ Campaign Spotlights Fortune Xpert Total Balance Oil for a Healthier Tomorrow

Adani Wilmar’s ‘Health Aaj Se’ Campaign Spotlights Fortune Xpert Total Balance Oil for a Healthier Tomorrow

~ The 360-degree campaign will have three commercials, that will be launched
across digital platforms~

National, 10th August, 2023: Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL), one of the largest food FMCG companies in India has launched a new 360-degree campaign for their latest health oil offering, Fortune Xpert Total Balance Oil. The captivating campaign idea, titled ‘Health Aaj Se’, is conceptualised by Ogilvy and highlights the unique qualities and benefits of embracing Xpert Total Balance Oil as the starting point for embarking on a healthy journey to tackle the challenges of modern-day living. The ‘Health Aaj Se’ campaign will be launched across various digital platforms, offline modern trade outlets, HD channels, connected TVs and other alternative media, to ensure widespread reach and engagement.

The campaign centers around the highly prevalent tendency of consumers to strategise their health journey ‘Kal Se’It’s common to hearpeople say Gym- Kal Se! Yoga- Kal Se! Diet- Kal Se!whenmaking fitness plans. The campaign urges us to start taking smaller steps today which will in turn help us embark on the much-needed health journey– ‘Aaj Se’.

The ‘Health Aaj Se’ campaign is a series of three short films that revolve around people who are planning their fitness journeyThey, however,end up starting their fitness journey rightaway on being convinced by their loved ones that healthcare should not be delayed and must begin today itself with the help of Fortune Xpert Total Balance Oil , which combines the goodness of three essential oils like soybean, rice bran, and flaxseed.

The advertisements lay emphasis on the fact that the three oil-blend of Fortune Xpert Total Balance offers the right fatty acid balance and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It not only combines the goodness of soybean-rice bran-flaxseed oils, but also provides an ideal balance of essential nutrients in the form of Safa: Pufa:Mufa and ratio of Omega 3:Omega 6 as recommended by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI[1]), for a balanced diet based on the average Indian diet, making it a good oil for low-cholesterol.

Commenting on the latest TVC launch campaign, Mr. Vineeth Viswambharan, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Adani Wilmar Limited said, “As India’s leading food and edible oil player, Adani Wilmar places great importance on nutritional value that consumers seek in their grocery choices. Many of our consumers today have a deep understanding of the varied nutrients present in different oils and they change their edible oils periodically to benefit from the same. We have introduced Fortune Xpert Total Balance which delivers consumers a holistic solution that combines the goodness of three powerful oils. It’s a game-changer in the edible oil segment, as Indians have become extremely health-conscious in the post-pandemic world.”

Adani Wilmar’s Fortune Xpert Total Balance Oil is available in the SKU of a 1-litre pouch and a 5-litre jar, along with other variants like Fortune Xpert Pro Sugar conscious and Fortune Xpert Pro Immunity. They are available on most of the ecommerce sites.

You can view the advertisement films here –

1)      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dfu_9Nb1b0

2)      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuU9CGIVR88

3)      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy8TLsi4gh4

About Adani Wilmar Limited

Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL) is one of the largest food FMCG companies in India, offering most of the primary kitchen essentials for Indian consumers, including edible oil, wheat flour, rice, pulses and sugar. The company’s products are offered under a diverse range of brands across a broad price spectrum catering to different customer groups. Its flagship brand ‘Fortune’ is one of the largest selling edible oil and food brands in India. It has a wide array of packaged foods including packaged wheat flour, rice, pulses, besan, sugar, soya chunks and cereals-based products such as ready-to-cook khichdi. It also offers a diverse range of industry essentials, including oleochemicals, castor oil and its derivatives and de-oiled cakes and HPC category under brand Alife, which includes soaps, hand washes and hand sanitisers.


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