Home Press Release ABP News announces launch of 7 PM show ‘SEEDHA SAWAL’ – A game-changing show redefining news debates

ABP News announces launch of 7 PM show ‘SEEDHA SAWAL’ – A game-changing show redefining news debates

ABP News announces launch of 7 PM show ‘SEEDHA SAWAL’ – A game-changing show redefining news debates

National, July 31, 2023: ABP News, India’s premier Hindi news channel, has announced the launch of its latest news debate show ‘SEEDHA SAWAL.’ This innovative show is set to revolutionize the way news debates are conducted, providing viewers with a refreshing and insightful perspective on the most pressing issues of the day. It is slated to premiere on July 31, airing daily at 7 pm on ABP News. The show will be hosted by esteemed news anchor Sandeep Chaudhary.

‘SEEDHA SAWAL’ is about putting viewers’ needs first and addressing their concerns directly. Showcasing a unique format, the show will introduce the topic of the day, deconstruct it, and discuss it in the first segment, followed by a structured debate on the subject. The show’s unique aspect lies in its commitment to avoiding unnecessary diversions and sensationalism, ensuring that discussions remain on point, and viewers receive clear and conclusive insights.

Leading the charge as the host of ‘SEEDHA SAWAL’, is seasoned journalist, Sandeep Chaudhary, who is widely known for his forthrightness and fearless approach to holding public figures accountable. Chaudhary is not new to ABP News. In the past, he captivated audiences during his tenure at Star News, where he hosted the immensely popular show ‘Desh Videsh’ from 2003 to 2006. His track record, credibility, and reputation as an unbiased and probing journalist align perfectly with the show’s objectives and make him an ideal choice to lead this trailblazing show. 

With its new show ‘SEEDHA SAWAL,’ ABP News aim to provide its viewers an unfiltered platform for direct communication with decision-makers, ensuring a sharp focus on the central issues that matter to society. The channel focuses on bringing a refreshing approach to news debates, creating a space where genuine issues are addressed with sincerity and depth.

Watch the intriguing promo of ‘SEEDHA SAWAL’ here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otEhA8bNX58

About ABP Network:

An innovative media and content creation company, ABP Network is a credible voice in the broadcast and digital sphere, with a multi-language portfolio of news channels reaching 535 million individuals in India. ABP Studios, which comes under the purview of ABP Creations — the content innovation arm of the network — creates, produces, and licenses original, pathbreaking content outside of news. ABP Network is a group entity of ABP, which was incorporated almost 100 years ago and continues to reign as a leading media company.


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