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Vault Unveils State-of-the-Art Digital Platform


Recognizing the prevalent challenges faced by clients, Vault aims to reshape the investment landscape in the UAE.



From L to R: Sami Abdul Hadi & Bilal Abou-Diab


With a regulatory license from Abu Dhabi Global Markets, renowned for its stringent standards, Vault is committed to establishing lasting client relationships and securing their financial future. 


Vault’s investment philosophy maximises investment outcomes by generating natural yields from diversified income-generating assets, prioritizing long-term preservation, mitigating risks through diversification, and capitalizing on global opportunities.


Led by industry experts and supported by global venture capital firm Outliers VC, Vault addresses the common problems of inconsistent financial advice, misaligned investment products, and insufficient communication between clients and advisors, as highlighted by Sami Abdul-Hadi, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Vault.


The UAE, home to a population of 8 million adults, boasts a staggering total wealth exceeding 1 trillion USD, with financial assets representing 63.4% of this amount. Notably, around 9.6% of adults possess over 100,000 USD, and the average wealth per person amounts to approximately 122,841 USD. Remarkably, about 177,000 individuals can be classified as USD millionaires.


However, despite this significant wealth, there is a prevailing trend in the UAE to hold the majority of financial resources in cash, in contrast to the United States, where over 80% of financial wealth is actively invested. This disparity arises primarily from a need for more awareness and under-standing regarding effective investment allocation.


Vault offers exclusive access to thematic and private investments, including venture capital, artificial intelligence, and private real estate. By lowering the minimum investment requirement to as low as $60,000, Vault democratizes asset classes traditionally limited to ultra-high-net-worth individuals. 


Additionally, Vault provides the opportunity for passive monthly income and an impressive 4.53% APY interest on cash, over five times the average UAE banks offer, without any lock-in periods.


Exemplifying Vault’s dedication to personalized support, the platform operates exclusively invite-only. Prospective clients joining the waitlist undergo a thorough 30-minute discovery call with ad-visors to ensure a perfect alignment with their investment goals. With a transparent approach that prioritizes clients’ best interests, Vault provides bespoke advice and a diverse range of exclusive investment opportunities.


For further information about Vault and to join the waitlist, please visit www.vaultwealth.com.


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