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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Devasthanam to modernise its entire operations


INDIA – 25th July 2023 – Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Devasthanam (SLNSD) announces a modernisation of the IT infrastructure and technology of the temple complex. Based in the Nandyal district in Andhra Pradesh, the Ahobilam Devasthanam is one of the most important Sri Vaishnava religious institutions in India and the avatarasthalam of Lord Narasimha.

Over 600 years ago, the famous Sri Ahobila Mutt was established here at Ahobilam by Sri Athivan Satakopan, the founding Jeer of the Mutt, at the instructions of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. The Devasthanam manages a temple complex consisting of nine shrines devoted to Lord Narasimha. With over 12,00,000 devotees visiting the shrine every year from Andhra Pradesh, nearby States and from other parts of India, the Devasthanam have taken it upon themselves to drive a modernisation initiative to completely transform their operations, devotee experiences and becoming more efficient and transparent in the process.

Working with leading technology players, the authorities have prioritised the bespoke solutions to be implemented in a phased manner. A comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution being implemented in the first phase. This will entail a detailed management system to manage the day-to-day running of the temple, availing of various sevas provided by the temple as also booking of the guest house, kalyana mandapam and halls and setting up of the online and offline server systems.

Presiding over the changes, His Holiness, Srivan Satakopa Sri Ranganatha Yateendra Mahadesikan, said, “Over 600 years, the holy land of Ahobilam has gone through many transformations and restorations due to the blessing of the Lord Malola Narasimha, efforts of predecessors before me and because of the faith and devotion of devotees. This will also be one such milestone in the history of the temple that will enhance the devotee experience and make the functioning and management of the temple safe and efficient. Once fully implemented in the next few months, all bakthas will be able to plan their pilgrimage better and access many of the temple services online.”

SLNSD authorities said that smart street lighting that are sustainable and can be controlled remotely, cleaner surroundings with environment-friendly disposal system and safety systems that ensure protection of all the devotees and pilgrims visiting the temple, would be in place. Devasthanam is keen to fulfil the responsibility placed on them and take forward centuries of improvement processes carried out and to ensure the future of Sri Ahobila Mutt and the holy land of Ahobilam is left in a better shape than how it is today for future generations.”

The changes that will be implemented over the next eight months are.

·         Phase 1 will entail the implementation of the website, online booking systems for sevas, digital payment systems including donations and creation of a mobile app. An ERP system will be implemented to streamline the entire operation. A physical and electronic security system will be established for access control and safety equipment

·         Phase 2 will further strengthen the safety and security of the entire complex with CCTV cameras, public announcement systems and baggage scanners

·         Phase 3 will see the completion of the video walls and smart street lighting


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