Slow Rivers – Savitha Sastry’s New Magnum Opus

Danseuse Savitha Sastry and Writer and Director AK Srikanth release their tenth production Slow Rivers. Taking a sharp detour from the recent light hearted comedies Arangetram and Filter Coffee from the production house, this film is a mind-bending spiral that examines the complex relationship between an Artiste and her Guru.


Ashish Vidyarthi and Savitha Sastry in Slow Rivers


In its intense denouement, it brings back memories of earlier productions such as Dvija and Saffron, which Savitha and Srikanth had released to critical acclaim last year. Ashish Vidyarthi and the protagonist Savitha Sastry star together for the first time, in roles that crackle with power every time the two appear on screen together. The confrontation between the two goes far beyond just their roles, into philosophies of the relationship between an Art and the Artiste. Ashish’s complex character brings back memories of his award-winning performance in the classic Droh-Kaal, while Savitha takes on a layered role that the audience has not seen her essay before.


Talking about the dance production, Savitha Sastry said, “Slow Rivers would definitely rank amongst the most challenging projects I have worked on – whether it be sharing the screen with thespian Ashish Vidyarthi, or in the very intricate dance sequences that I choreographed and filmed. I play the role of a dancer named Sravaka (which means student, in Sanskrit), and it is a character with many shades of gray. An amazing experience, indeed!


As per Mr. AK Srikanth, “Slow Rivers is a mindbender that takes the viewers through the worlds of the real, the metaphysical and the delusional. While on the surface it is about a Guru and a Sishya, I think at its heart it is about that never ending quest for immortality. I think it is a very important film in my journey as a Director, and a very important one for our production company as well, in terms of the very scope of what it attempts to portray.”


According to Mr. Ashish Vidyarthi, “Savitha and Srikanth are a couple who makes films to ensure that dance is popularized among masses. They are a set who want to propagate culture, making ensure that it is simplified so that it reaches many people other than the very few who manage to attend performances. It was an absolute joy participating in Slow Rivers. Best wishes to Savitha and Srikanth as they journey on and telling stories after stories.”


Alongside Savitha Sastry and Ashish Vidyarthi, Sasho (Manjunath / B A Pass 2) also stars in an important role. Noted composer Abhay Nayampally scores the music for this short, in his sixth collaboration with Savitha and Srikanth. The company that has made acclaimed award-winning films such as Descent, Beyond the Rains, Dvija and TheColors Trilogy. Savitha Sastry and thespian Ashish Vidyarthi play the lead in the film.


The film is scheduled to release on OTT on July 8, 2023.


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