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Revolutionizing the Road: CEAT Launches LYFMAX X3 Super-Premium Bias Truck Tyres Offering Industry Best Mileage and Durability


India – 18 July, 2023:

CEAT Limited, a leading tyre manufacturer, announced the launch of their new super-premium product line, the LYFMAX X3 series for truck tyres. The series, which includes the LYFMAX X3 R and LYFMAX X3 D, is designed to provide superior steer and drive tyres with best-in-class mileage and long durability.

Speaking on the launch of LYFMAX X3 range, Lakshmi Narayanan B, Chief Marketing Officer, CEAT Limited, said,“Our fleet customers are premiumising fast and demand from different applications is driving this evolution. Nylon tyres is still a preference choice for many fleets and they want the best mileage product that minimizes their down time benefiting reduction in operational cost. To address these needs, we have engineered the LYFMAX X3 series that delivers unmatched mileage and provides durability to the customer. LYFMAX X3 range represents more than just a new product launch; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to offer superior and best-in-industry products to our customers. With this launch we have set a new benchmark in the industry and look forward to seeing the positive impact it would have on our customers’ business.”

The LYFMAX X3 R and X3 D tyres delivers 10% higher mileage than other brands in the industry. The steer pattern tyre, LYFMAX X3 R, offers uniform pressure distribution and tread wear and comes with innovative rib-interlocking bridge giving “no crack” technology to the tyre. It provides superior performance and stands as the industry’s best mileage tyre.

The LYFMAX X3 D tyres boast a refined footprint with straight contact area, ventilated lug geometry for cooler running, and reinforced casing strength providing superior load capacity and, like the LYFMAX X3 R, stands at the top of the industry for best mileage tyres.

The LYFMAX series of tyres will redefine expectations and set a new standard in the tyre industry. CEAT is excited about the potential these tyres hold and look forward to hearing feedback from their customers.

About CEAT Ltd (www.ceat.com):

CEAT, the flagship company of RPG Enterprises, was established in 1958. Today, CEAT is one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers and has a strong presence in global markets. CEAT produces more than 41 million high-performance tyres, catering to various segments like 2-3 Wheelers, Passenger and Utility Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Off-Highway Vehicles.

About RPG Enterprises (www.rpggroup.com):          

RPG Enterprises, established in 1979, is one of India’s fastest-growing business groups with a turnover of US$ 4 Billion. The group has diverse business interests in the areas of Infrastructure, Tyres, Pharma, IT and Specialty, as well as in emerging innovation-led technology businesses.


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