Home Press Release Plum launches ‘Cards Against Work’: a hilarious card game that breaks the ice at workplaces

Plum launches ‘Cards Against Work’: a hilarious card game that breaks the ice at workplaces


Bengaluru, July 19, 2023: Plum, India’s leading insurtech company offering employee wellness solutions to 3000+ corporations, has showcased its creativity and connection through another brand-building initiative, ‘Cards Against Work’ (CAW). An innovative and interactive card game themed around workplace discussions that also calls out universal and relatable toxic practices occurring in workplaces. With this  quirky approach to brand marketing, Plum aims to encourage team participation, foster better acquaintance among colleagues and also infuse a dose of fun to workplace conversations.

Cards Against Work is inspired from the popular game ‘Cards Against Humanity’ a party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using quirky phrases. On similar lines, phrases here are risque and lively conversations around the workplace that allows for players to share their thoughts and observations in a light-hearted manner.

Shreyas Achar, Head of Marketing at Plum says, “Plum has always believed in building brand recall through unconventional bets. Every brand has its own personality and Plum’s brand reflects a combination of fun and candour. ‘Cards Against Work’ is our take on candid workplace conversations with a lighthearted spin extending to be a part of water cooler chats, every rec room gathering and every office party.”

The response to CAW has been overwhelmingly positive, with Plum receiving fantastic feedback and testimonials from those who have already experienced the game firsthand. It has already made its debut in community events (Shape of Work), office offsites (AtomicworkAntler) and team parties and meetings (SetuInFeedo).

“It is the best icebreaker and game I’ve ever played. The questions and answers are hilarious and hard-hitting. We had to actually constitute a rule that if it was “too real”, people shouldn’t play the card. If I had to quantify bonding levels, I’d put 10 minutes of this at the same level as a team dinner,” says Aishwarya Hariharan, Founding Team, Product Marketing, Atomicwork.

Plum further launched CAW on Product Hunt, a popular platform for showcasing innovative products. Prior to launching CAW, Plum has established itself as a thought leader in discussions around employee benefits and inclusive workplaces. The company released a White Paper on Diversity to be part of every employee benefits discussion, launched the People Success Playbook to help HR leaders, and introduced Humanise, an in-house editorial property that normalises conversations around the intersection of life and work.


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