Home Press Release ParkMate Expands its Presence in Delhi NCR, Aims to Facilitate over 500,000 Paperless Parking Services in Just Six Months

ParkMate Expands its Presence in Delhi NCR, Aims to Facilitate over 500,000 Paperless Parking Services in Just Six Months


To support the expansion initiative, ParkMate is introducing a new and improved version of its app

New Delhi, 11 July 2023: ParkMate, India’s leading intelligent app-based platform for smart parking solutions, has announced its upcoming expansion in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). By the end of July, ParkMate will be extending its services to the bustling streets of Delhi NCR, bringing significant value addition to the region’s parking landscape.

With this expansion, residents and visitors of the region can expect a host of benefits that will transform their parking experience. Smooth parking operations, paperless transactions, reduced issues caused by parking problems, decreased time consumption, and the promotion of digitization through hassle-free services are just some of the advantages ParkMate will bring to the table.

Over the next six months, ParkMate has set an ambitious goal of facilitating an astounding 500,000+  parking services in the Delhi NCR region alone. To accommodate the escalating demands of the region, ParkMate is geared up to mark its footprints in prominent locales including Lajpat Nagar, Amar Colony, Greater Kailash, Noida Sector 18, and Rohini areas. The initial emphasis of this expansion initiative will primarily cater to key regions such as Connaught Place and Lajpat Nagar, where the need for effective parking solutions has witnessed a significant surge. By targeting these bustling areas, ParkMate aspires to extend its ingenious parking solutions to a broader audience, ensuring the utmost convenience and ease for all.

Sharing his thoughts on the expansion, Dhananjaya Bharadwaj, Co-founder and CEO of ParkMate, stated “The insightful feedback received from our esteemed users in Delhi has served as a catalyst for our ambitious expansion endeavour. Deeply attentive to their needs, we have swiftly embarked on this transformative journey. By introducing ParkMate to prominent regions in Delhi NCR, our objective extends beyond mere parking innovation. We are committed to contributing to the reduction of emissions in the region, by helping minimize both fuel consumption and the time spent searching for parking spaces. Our vision is to make parking hassle-free, ensuring that every customer feels valued and every vehicle is cared for. With our sights set on reaching more cities, we take pride in being the driving force that brings the future of parking to life.”

To support the expansion initiative, ParkMate is introducing a new and improved version of its app. The updated app will be faster, lighter, and equipped with enhanced features to provide users with a seamless parking experience. With these advancements, ParkMate is determined to stay ahead of the curve in the parking industry, providing cutting-edge solutions that truly elevate the parking experience for its valued customers.

Currently, around 500-700 customers are benefiting from ParkMate’s services daily, relying on the app to overcome their parking-related hassles. ParkMate’s popular “Drop & Shop” service allows users to enjoy real-time confirmed parking at any desired location. By entering their destination in the app, users are greeted by dedicated valets who securely park their vehicles. Verified attendants and GPS tracking ensure the safety of the vehicles, and with a simple click, users can retrieve their cars whenever needed

About ParkMate:

Founded in 2021, ParkMate is India’s first intelligent app-based platform to offer smart, hyperlocal and on-demand parking solutions for users and businesses. ParkMate instant Drop & Shop service offers users real-time confirmed parking anywhere they want. With ParkMate, the attendants are OTP verified and the cars are GPS-tagged so that users can track the car’s live movement. When the customer needs his car, they simply have to click on ‘Get my car’ and it will be delivered back safely to them. Trishool system for parking management; Kavach System for Residential complexes and Automobile Dealerships are some of the services and products the brand is offering. ParkMate’s three-tier Trishool system offers an integration of the FASTag + ANPR +UniPay system which uses HD cameras, an inbuilt controller, and its in-house software to automatically scan licence plates and permit/log vehicle entry. More importantly, when a car owner parks his/her car with ParkMate, it is not at the owner’s risk but at ParkMate’s risk. The agenda of the brand is “With ParkMate, You drive. We Park.” To learn more, visit: https://parkmate.in/

Brand LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/parkmatesps-pvtltd/?originalSubdomain=in

Brand Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/parkmate_india/?hl=en


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