Oakridge Bengaluru, Raises the Bar for IB Schools with Excellent DP Results

Keeping up with the legacy of success, the students at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru, recorded outstanding results in the IB exam 2023. Anmol Malik scored 43 points, while two students, Athmika Krishnan and Ankitha Ganeshan, scored 42 points. Overall, eight students scored 40 and above. For the past five years, our school has consistently achieved an average score of 30.5 in the IB Diploma Programme (DP), slightly higher than the global average of 30.2.


Anmol Malik, Athmika Krishnan and Ankitha Ganeshan (L-R), IBDP achievers of Bengaluru


The students exceeded expectations and showcased exceptional performance across all six subject groups, high pass rates and remarkable individual accomplishments. The top scorer Anmol Malik placed in Johns Hopkins University expressed his excitement and gratitude, saying, “The IB programme at Oakridge has been an incredibly enriching experience. It has challenged me academically, fostered critical thinking skills, and nurtured my passion for learning.


Athmika Krishnan, a high-achieving student placed at Duke University, said, “The IB DP is a highly regarded school qualification accepted by leading universities worldwide”. Nord Anglia is the world’s largest provider of the IB Diploma Programme. The best teachers and Oakridge ensure that children graduate with the most vigorous, robust, vital foundations for success.


Our tech-enabled advanced learning environment could overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic two years back, and I am proud of our IB learners as their resilience has finally paid off,” said School Principal Pallavi Mishra.


We have students going to Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Penn State University, UC Davis, University of Leicester, Rutgers University, Babson College, North Carolina State University, and Ashoka University among top-ranked Universities in USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and India,” said Ajay Menon, IBDP Coordinator. The events organised by the school team provided students with immense opportunities and better options.


About Oakridge International  

As a Nord Anglia Education School, Oakridge International School, Bengaluru, is part of the world’s leading premium school. It is an IB continuum school committed to providing quality education and holistic development opportunities to its students and their families.  


For more information, visit: www.oakridge.in/bengaluru.




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