Home Press Release Nisha Kumari Makes History as the First climber from Vadodara to Summit the Mount Everest

Nisha Kumari Makes History as the First climber from Vadodara to Summit the Mount Everest


RR Kabel Commemorates the Remarkable Achievements of Nisha Kumari

India, 17th July 2023 – RR Kabel, a leading wires and cables company known for its commitment to safety, proudly celebrates Nisha Kumari, the first climber from Vadodara to successfully climb the Mount Everest. Nisha Kumari’s journey highlights her determination and mission to inspire girls and demonstrate that one can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Nisha Kumari, an MSC Mathematics graduate specializing in industrial mathematics, had initially aspired to join the defense forces. However, when her path took a different turn, she decided to pursue a goal that would motivate and empower girls across the nation. Nisha dedicated years of her life to intense physical training, including running, functional training, and various other exercises, to prepare herself for the arduous climb to the summit of Mount Everest.

Her journey to conquer the world’s highest peak was filled with numerous challenges. Nisha faced financial struggles throughout her preparation, as the entire expedition required a significant investment of 46 lakhs. It was at this crucial juncture that RR Kabel stepped in as a sponsor, offering their support and helping Nisha turn her dream into a reality.

During her challenging ascent, Nisha encountered difficult terrains, great difficulties and unpredictable weather conditions. Undeterred, she pushed forward, fueled by her determination and the support of her family and well wishers

Finally, after nearly 45 days of perseverance and unwavering dedication, Nisha Kumari triumphantly reached the summit of Mount Everest. With the Indian flag held high alongside the flag of RR Kabel, she not only accomplished her personal feat but also represented the spirit of women empowerment and safety promoted by the company.

Ms. Nisha Kumariexpressed her joy post achieving this milestones: “I am immensely grateful to RR Kabel for their support throughout my journey to conquer the Mount Everest. Their sponsorship not only made my dream possible but also reinforced the values of safety and empowerment that both RR Kabel and I hold dear. With their belief in me, I was able to reach new heights and inspire girls everywhere”

Nisha Kumari’s triumph is an inspiration to young girls and women everywhere, proving that with firm commitment they can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness.


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