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Moscow Seasons Project Invites You to Indulge in the ‘Taste of Russia’ Gastronomic Festival


New Delhi, Delhi, India

Moscow has become a culinary paradise as the city has geared up to host the eagerly awaited “Tastes of Russia” gastronomic festival from 7th to 16th July. This 10-day event organised in the frames of Moscow Seasons project is allowing visitors from around the world, including India, to explore the rich culinary traditions of Russia. The Moscow Seasons project is an initiative that unveils the beauty of Russian culture and history to visitors from around the world.


A symphony of flavours and sounds at the Moscow ‘Taste of Russia’ Festival!


From the iconic Kazan pilaf with chicken, and Ryazan Kurnik (chicken pie), to the savoury delights of Nizhny Novgorod okroshka, the food festival is offering a range of gastronomical pleasures. This culinary event offers not only the chance to savour exquisite Russian delicacies but also to learn the art of preparing them. Expert chefs are unveiling the secrets behind these time-honoured recipes through an array of 550 master classes and cooking shows tailored to suit all levels of culinary expertise.


The festival also features rare and exotic products such as apples from Stavropol, lamb from Dagestan, cedar milk from Tomsk, Altai cheeses, and succulent crabs from Murmansk. More than 300 passionate producers from 70 regions of Russia are participating to showcase their finest offerings at the event. 


Children will not be bored either as the Young Farmer’s School is present at the event to teach them the basics of beekeeping, vegetable growing and cheese-making. They are also getting the opportunity to practise traditional Tula Pryanik (Tula gingerbread) painting. Moreover, traditional songs and dances of Russia’s diverse ethnic groups are being presented on Manezhnaya Square throughout the event. Also, the mesmerising sounds produced by the hand-crafted mouth harp Khakass Khomus is keeping the visitors enthralled.


Guests from India can taste unique treats at 25 venues across the city, with Manezhnaya Square taking centre stage as the main venue.


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