• The survey commissioned by Aveeno®, surveyed 1,003 parents with children aged five years and below across India
• Over 42% parents across India had Atopic prone skin or had someone in their immediate family with such conditions, 65% had such skin conditions or other allergic conditions in the immediate family.
• Over 69% parents are not aware of preventative treatment for dry, itchy, sensitive skin (which may or may not be related to atopic or eczema prone skin)
• 80% parents proactively tried one or more preventative methods to delay the onset of symptoms in their children before an official diagnosis was made
• Findings underscore a significant tendency among Indian parents to use various preventative treatments as a first line of defense against such skin conditions
• A separate study supported by Kenvue’s Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. subsidiary has shed light on the emerging potential of biomarker screenings for early identification of children who are at risk of developing atopic dermatitis
Over 80% of parents surveyed in study on Cross-Country Parental Awareness on Early Interventions in relation to baby skincare are keen to embrace preventative treatments in order to delay the onset of dry, itchy, sensitive skin conditions (which may or may not be related to atopic or eczema prone skin). Helping protect the child was the key reason the parents gave while looking for preventative treatment. In India, 57% parents are likely to use a moisturizer, before symptoms appeared, even if they suspected their child was high-risk of developing sensitive skin conditions. Just 26% of the parents were either unsure or unlikely to use moisturiser to delay the onset of eczema like symptoms.
Emerging research from an independent clinical study conducted out of the University of Cork suggests that early intervention methods in atopic prone skin may help to protect the skin barrier which consequently may reduce the risk of developing atopic dermatitis. These methods include consulting a child’s doctor for a recommended plan of action, daily application of emollients, and practicing gentle skincare routines.
Recent data as shared at the 25th World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore suggests that children with a family history of allergic conditions may benefit from screening to assess their likelihood of developing dry, itchy, sensitive skin conditions (which may or may not be related to atopic or eczema prone skin). Kenvue’s Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. subsidiary supported a study to investigate whether certain markers of skin health could predict risk of having atopic or eczema prone skin, in children from birth. The study found that specific markers of skin inflammation tended to be higher in children who later developed atopic dermatitis. This advancement in health care suggests that skin health markers might have a place in clinical practice to be used to predict the progression of the condition. Additionally, these markers may help identify individuals who could benefit from early measures, such as using moisturizers to maintain skin health.
Keshan Gunasinghe, Head of APAC R&D for Kenvue said, “This emergent study that we have presented at the World Congress of Dermatology helps us understand skin surface markers for children at risk of developing dry, itchy, sensitive skin conditions (which may or may not be related to atopic or eczema prone skin). These insights will be pivotal as we continue delivering innovative and trusted paediatric skin health solutions built on strong scientific evidence through close collaboration with the paediatric dermatology community.”
Daily emollient use is a cornerstone of managing compromised skin barrier conditions, in order to maintain skin hydration and reduce water loss due to the dysfunction of the epidermal barrier (outer most layer of the skin). A breakdown in the epidermal barrier due to Atopic prone skin contributes to water loss, which can lead to xerosis (dry skin).
A deterioration in the condition can negatively impact a child’s psychological health and daily life. Only 1 in 4 parents surveyed felt that dry, itchy, sensitive skin conditions (which may or may not be related to atopic or eczema prone skin) impacted a child’s quality of sleep and associated sleep disturbances with the condition while over 50% associate the condition with irritability and around 12% with low self-esteem.
The survey signals that there is a knowledge gap between awareness of sensitive skin conditions and its preventative solutions versus action taken to appropriately reduce the frequency of symptoms exhibiting. 45% parents in India did not realise there were any preventative solutions available while over 69% parents were not aware that they needed to use preventative solutions.
In fact, over 55% parents are unsure about the significance of preventative measure & the potential cost associated with prevention approach.
Gunasinghe said, “We know that all parents want what is best for their child and it is heartening that a majority would try preventative methods, including consulting with their healthcare professional first. The application of emollients should be part of parents’ management routine for atopic or eczema prone skin . 1% colloidal oatmeal-based emollients helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, potentially preventing the penetration of allergens and fosters subsequent allergen sensitization .”

About Aveeno Baby®
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