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HITEK Digitalizes Manned Security Offering with Innovative App


Leading UAE-based IT smart Facilities Management (FM) solutions company HITEK, part of the Farnek group of companies, has launched Security Plus, a new and innovative mobile application that supports manned security services.



A Farnek security guard uses the Security Plus app during a patrol inspection


The bespoke app, which was developed by HITEK’s in-house experts, allows the company to connect guards from multiple sites so they can be supported via a centralised communication platform.


Through its ‘Rover Observation’ feature, the app captures real time information from customer facilities where security guards are carrying out their regular patrol inspections, and it also enables them to report, in detail, any incidents immediately to HITEK’s control and command centre seamlessly through a management reporting system.


The application can identify and document all activities related to onsite security services, which ensures that guards are implementing all contractual commitments while also monitoring and managing potential risk at every opportunity,” commented Javeria Aijaz, managing director of HITEK.


With Security Plus, security personnel can raise incident reports by connecting to HITEK’s CAFMTEK mobility software solution, allowing guards to submit data in real time to supervisors and management, who in turn can offer instant instruction and advice.


Guards can be contacted through email notifications and alerts, which can direct them to any sort of emergency and its precise location or source. Complete incident and patrolling reports can also be downloaded from the company’s web portal.


Operating in complex facilities, manned security services need to be connected, technically aware, efficient and effective. Monitoring, managing and supporting physical patrols digitally, is essential in today’s market and not only improves transparency and efficiency, it helps to manage risk, improves the quality of reporting and delivers real-time information, without critical information gaps,” said Ahmed Salah, Head of Security.


Another useful feature of Security Plus is a lost and found record, which also has an automatic update on collected items.


Training guards to use the app is very easy. It’s simple messaging with the option to attach images and videos and comes with a checklist to ensure information about incidents and general reports are completed in full. And once reviewed by supervisors and or managers via the web portal, they can be shared with the client,” added Aijaz.


Security Plus has been extremely popular with many of HITEK’s customers across several different industry sectors, such as hotels, banks, hospitals and serviced residences.


“One of the major benefits of Security Plus is that our customers now receive their reports in real time, which provides them with total and immediate visibility of any incident that might occur across various critical locations,” said Aijaz.


For more information, log on to www.hitekservices.com.


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