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Experience a Fresh and Revitalized Kishmish at their New Branch


Experience the rebirth of the gourmet and local favourite Afghan restaurant Kishmish at their new branch in the heart of Mirdif, Dubai. An unforgettable culinary adventure awaits those who step into Kishmish, with each fare leading guests through the tapestry of Afghanistan’s rich gastronomy where flavours come alive and stories unfold through food.



Gourmet and local favourite Afghan restaurant Kishmish drink


Kishmish is owned and led by its visionary female head chef, Iman Nazemi, who’s intuitive cooking results in comforting foods that reflect the essence of Afghan home-style cooking. Promising to captivate food enthusiasts with mouth-watering flavours, Kishmish offers everything from delicious starters, salads and soups to stews, dumplings, and grilled delicacies, along with a complete kids menu.


At Kishmish, you can savor sensational culinary delights like the renowned Kabuli Palou with slow-cooked lamb, fan favourites like protein-packed mashawa and slow-cooked dopiyaza. To end your meal on a sweet note, try the decadent rice pudding, a delicious treat that has won the hearts of GCC residents.


While Kishmish proudly introduces a remarkable journey of flavors, their dedicated ice cream artisan hailing from the bustling streets of Kabul brings forth an unparalleled concept of in-house crafted ice cream from Afghanistan to the heart of Mirdif. Every step of the process, from the milk preparation to the mesmerizing hand-churning and delightful serving, ensures an exceptional ice cream experience like no other.


Kishmish’s extraordinary creations are inspired by Iman’s deep connection to her Afghan culture, which is reflected in the brand’s rich flavors and heart-warming Afghan traditions. The brand is an ode to the power of nourishing cuisine, a philosophy that is at the core of Kishmish’s unique creations.


While COVID-19 posed dire challenges for many brands, Kishmish has emerged stronger, with a string of openings in the offing with Chef and Founder Iman taking over the reins of the restaurant business as a solopreneur. Iman desires to inspire fellow females in F&B who may not necessarily be professionally trained chefs and yet are able to fulfil their dream of running a successful restaurant. Head down and experience the newest Kishmish branch in Mirdif Avenue Mall, Dubai, as it embarks on a new chapter of growth.


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