A Sustainability Innovation in Recycling of Used Sanitary Napkins by ‘Rentokil Initial Hygiene India’

Rentokil Initial Hygiene India (RIHI), a globally trusted hygiene solutions provider, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative service, Sani Pro Green™ – recycling of used sanitary napkins to environmentally friendly output. This innovative solution aims to address the critical issue of sanitary napkin disposal while promoting sustainability in feminine hygiene. With an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, Rentokil Initial Hygiene’s Sani Pro Green™ sets a new industry standard in eco-friendly solutions, serving the needs of sustainability-focused customers in Mumbai and Pune by recycling the used sanitary napkins.


Sani Pro Green – environmentally friendly recycling of used sanitary napkins


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The rapid increase in waste from sanitary napkins is a major environmental concern. With businesses and organisations increasingly focusing on sustainability, the demand for environmentally friendly solutions in all aspects of operation has reached unprecedented levels. Rentokil Initial Hygiene earlier successfully launched Sani Pro Green™ in Bangalore, resulting in a significant improvement in the sanitary napkin disposal standards by employing Low Temperature Thermal Decomposition (LTTD) process. The company is expanding its services to the dynamic cities of Mumbai and Pune, further reinforcing its commitment to protecting the planet.

We are delighted to introduce Sani Pro Green™ in Mumbai and Pune because we strongly believe in the potential of sustainable innovation to generate positive change,” said Mr. Nishat Goyal, COO, Rentokil Initial Hygiene. “Our environmentally responsible solutions empower organisations to make a tangible difference in their workplaces while actively supporting their sustainability goals. We take great pride in being at the forefront of this pivotal movement towards a greener future.”

Sani Pro Green™ revolutionises feminine hygiene by introducing a novel recycling procedure for used sanitary napkins. Rentokil Initial Hygiene converts used sanitary napkins into environmentally friendly outputs using Low-Temperature Thermal Decomposition (LTTD), a cutting-edge technology with zero hazardous effects on the environment. The process has been certified by the highest SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) international standards of Rentokil Initial. Businesses that adopt this sustainable approach can not only provide safe and hygienic feminine services to their women staff but also contribute to the preservation of the environment.

For more information about Sani Pro Green™ and Rentokil Initial Hygiene’s wide range of hygiene solutions, please visit www.initial.com/in.

About Initial Hygiene
Initial has over 120 years of experience with presence in over 90 countries in providing tailored solutions to meet customised business needs. We provide high-quality hygiene solutions and services for washrooms, full premises and enhanced environments that minimise the risk of exposure to pathogens, micro-organisms, air-borne particles and harmful VOCs. Our range of hygiene solutions includes air fresheners, sanitisers, feminine hygiene solutions ( Sanitary napkin disposal service and Sanitary napkin vending machines), hand dryers, soap dispensers, and drain cleaning services. Since 1903, the organisation has built a large network of core support services that support delivering washroom services, floor care, and scenting solutions.


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