Yodda Elder Care Partners with Medulance to Offer Fast and Reliable Emergency Medical Care to the Patients

Yodda Elder Care Partners with Medulance to Offer Fast and Reliable Emergency Medical Care to the Patients

Yodda, a premium elderly care service provider headquartered in Pune, has partnered with Medulance, a leading Emergency Medical Response Service Provider, to offer fast and reliable emergency medical care to the clients of Yodda requiring medical support. The collaboration aims to provide well-equipped ambulances by Medulance to ensure prompt and efficient first-point medical attention during transit to the hospital. 

Yodda Elder Care empowers the elders through a robust network of on-field and on-call staff that is supported by a platform based on the confluence of new age technologies. Yodda caters to a wide range of problems senior citizens face, from daily errands like grocery shopping to managing life-threatening critical emergencies. With the average age of the population in India increasing, there is an increased need for accessible and efficient emergency medical services for the elders. Medulance’s ambulance services will play a crucial role in reducing response time and providing timely medical aid in emergencies, potentially saving lives.

Speaking on the collaboration, Tarun Sharma, Founder & CEO of Yodda, said, “We are thrilled to join forces with Medulance, a leader in emergency medical response services. This partnership not only strengthens our commitment to providing exceptional care for the elderly, but it also reinforces our vision of empowering seniors to live independently and with dignity. Combining Medulance’s expertise in prompt and efficient emergency care with Yodda’s comprehensive elder care services, we are confident that this collaboration will make a significant positive impact on the lives of senior citizens. Together, we will continue to innovate and drive the quality of care for the elderly to new heights.”

“Medulance has partnered with Yodda to provide accessible and efficient emergency medical services for the elderly population in India. Using tools such as geo-location, smartphone-based pre-filtration, and digitized medical records, Medulance aims to reduce response times while delivering reliable emergency care to patients. By dispatching the closest available ambulance and equipping them with the latest medical devices and well-trained paramedics, Medulance hopes to significantly improve emergency medical care for the elderly. The collaboration aims to secure elderly residents and provide first-response medical attention during emergencies and expand to more localities in various cities to strengthen the healthcare system,” said Mr. Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder, Medulance.

Medulance started as an ambulance service provider in 2017 and has since expanded to various medical emergency responses, saving over 15 Lakh lives to date. In addition to ambulance services, Medulance has established in-house medical rooms and dedicated helplines for corporates, offering teleconsultation, diagnostics, elderly care, mental wellness, and other services. The collaboration between Medulance and Yodda is a significant stride toward enhancing emergency medical care for the elderly in India, providing a dependable and effective solution for medical emergencies.


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