Rushil Decor Ltd undergoes Digital Parivartan with SAP S/4 Hana

  • SAP S/4 HANA integrates business processes across Rushil’s 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and 25 locations across the country
  • The deployment of the world’s most trusted ERP system with embedded intelligence is expected to empower employees to meet customer demands faster and ensure reduced time to market
  • It allows Rushil Décor to quickly respond to the growing demand and offer quality products to its customers in India and across 51 countries where it operates

India, 2 May 2023: Rushil Décor Limited (BSE: 533470, NSE: RUSHIL), a global leader in smarter living solutions, transforming contemporary residential and commercial spaces, underwent a digital transformation process with the deployment of SAP S/4 HANA ERP software system. 

Rushil Thakkar, Executive Director, Rushil Décor Ltd, India said that the implementation of SAP S/4 HANA ERP software has been a significant milestone and took seven months of intense operations to complete.  “SAP S/4 HANA is a Management Information System (MIS) software that allows to integrate business processes across our 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and 25 locations across the country.  It is a futuristic and scalable platform that allows us to ensure smoother day-to-day operations with reduced manual efforts, expedite processes with real-time information and provides a smarter way to track inventory, orders, finances and forecasting. With the deployment of world’s most-trusted ERP system with embedded intelligence, we expect to empower our employees to meet the demands from our customers in lesser time.” 

The implementation process involved more than 5000 person hours and included more than 100 personnel. Krupesh G Thakkar, Chairman and Managing Director, Rushil Décor Ltd, India, said; “The transformation process is part of the vision and commitment to steward our resources well and contribute to a better future for the nation and the planet.  We remain committed to Make in India and open collaborations that allows for innovations and investments in the latest and state-of-the-art technology to make the firm a national asset. Through the deployment of the latest software, we aim to be a game changer with well-equipped and empowered employees who are able meet the demands from customers across the globe. We have already trained more than 100 personnel to use the latest software and drive the business and are planning to upskill more than 200 personnel during the next level.”  

SAP S/4HANA is a proven software that caters to multiple tasks with integrated modules giving complete visibility to the day-to-day business activities at Rushil Décor Ltd (RDL). The transformation is part of RDL’s effort to quickly respond to the growing demand and offer quality products to its customers in India and across 51 countries where it operates. For the implementation of the software, RDL was assisted by Westernacher Consulting. 

About Rushil Décor: 

Founded in 1993, Rushil Décor Ltd. (BSE: 533470, NSE: RUSHIL), a globally leading company in modern interior infrastructure, and eco-friendly, composite wood panels is committed to shaping a better planet. Leveraging modern technology, inspiring designs, next-generation innovations, and a people-first, purposeful approach, RUSHIL is passionate about setting new industry standards and superior experiences, ensuring high productivity. The company has five state-of-the-art manufacturing plants with an annual capacity of 3,30,000 CBM MDF and 3.49 million Laminates, which caters to its customers in 51 countries across the world. 

With a strong network of branches, distributors, thousands of dealers and a rich talent pool of experts, RUSHIL is focused on redefining the future of wood. What makes RUSHIL special is its unmatched quality, design, customer centricity, value-led DIY green engineered products from agroforestry, and a wide range of high-performance surface engineering solutions. Driven by automated plants, world-class German technologies and global standards, RUSHIL relentlessly creates smarter spaces.  

RUSHIL’s product portfolio includes VIR Laminates, VIR MDF boards, VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) boards / VIR Pre-laminated Decorative MDF / HDFWR boards, VIR PVC and VIR WPC boards / doors. Optimal supply chain efficiencies, utilization of resources, and strategic local plantations offer cost advantage in raw material sourcing, and manufacturing excellence, enabling high output to cover global market demand. 

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