The Muthoot Group celebrates their women workforce on International Women’s Day

The Muthoot Group

Committed for creating an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace for women in their workforce

Bangalore, March 08, 2023: The Muthoot Group, One of India’s prominent diversified business conglomerate with 20 diversified divisions is taking the occasion of International Women’s Day to honour and celebrate the valuable contribution of women in their workforce. The Muthoot Group further highlights the initiatives undertaken by the company to empower India’s female workforce.

The Muthoot Group has always worked towards building a more gender-inclusive workforce. Up to March 2023, 7,769 of their workforce and 24% of the branch heads of its flagship company Muthoot Finance are women. This means that of the 5842+ branches, every 4th branch is led by a woman.

The company is also certified as ‘Great Place to Work’ twice in a row by Great Place To Work Institute and is regarded as one of the nation’s top 100 Companies for working women, as per AVTAR 100 Best Company for women in India.

It has also been recognised as India’s Most Trusted Financial Services Brand, consecutively 6 times in a row by Brand Trust Report. The company already have 32 staff welfare measures for the well-being of its employees, aimed at making the organisation more inclusive and diverse.

Muthoot Finance has recently engaged Mrs. Madhuri Dixit as its brand ambassador, who is an epitome of women empowerment and an acclaimed actress.

Apart from several internal initiatives, The Muthoot Group has also socially contributed to empowering women and creating equal opportunities across genders. In August 2022, the company launched ‘The Cup of Life campaign’ that holds The Guinness Book Of World Record for donating over one lakh menstrual cups in Kochi for free within 24 hours. The objective of the campaign was to take a step towards breaking the taboo around menstruation and educating society about women’s health and hygiene. Period poverty is a big challenge that the nation faces, with more than 30 per cent of women between the age of 15 and 24 are unable to use hygienic methods of protection during their menstruation cycle. Moreover, the company aims to normalise the conversation around menstruation.

Speaking on this development, Mr. Alexander George Muthoot, Joint Managing Director, The Muthoot Group said,

“The Muthoot Group has always worked towards empowering women and making its workplace more inclusive. 7,769 women represent a significant part of our Group’s workforce, and we are committed to create more opportunities for them. We aim to strengthen our women-friendly policies and practices to provide them right platforms to demonstrate their capabilities. India’s workforce is largely male dominated as of now, and as India continues its march to become a USD 5 trillion economy, it will be imperative to improve the gender parity and inclusivity. Hence, with the changing business landscape today, organisations need to actively focus on creating a more diversified and equal workplace for all. We remain committed to become a catalyst in this change by actively working towards creating more employment opportunities for women, and empowering the ones we have already on boarded, through various welfare programs and skilling initiatives. This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the resilience and compassion of all women. Those who overcome obstacles and adversity with grace and determination, and those who nurture and support those around them. Together, we celebrate the strength and beauty of womanhood.”

About The Muthoot Group

The Muthoot Group is one of India’s most prominent business conglomerate with 20 diversified business divisions. With over 5842 branches, the Group serves over 2.5 Lakh customers every day. The Muthoot Group is built on the foundations of passion, commitment, honesty, traditions and values. The Muthoot Group has established a formidable reputation and has garnered the trust of millions of customers. The success of the Group has its roots in its concern for the society and unceasing acts of altruism, the commitment and hard-work put in by its 40,000+ employees strong workforce and the trust of its millions of loyal & valued customers. Globally, the Group has presence across, USA, UK, UAE, Costa Rica, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. For more details, please visit:

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