Dubai SME Helping to Reduce the Global Issue of Marine Plastic Pollution

Dubai-based Suncare Company Tapping into UAE Hotelier Demand for Sustainable Products

  • Research has revealed that over 14 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year, accounting for 80% of all marine debris

  • SunKiss will be showcasing a range of sustainable sun care products at the Dubai International Boat Show, which are made using 90% less plastic and with formulations that are reef friendly


SunKiss, the UAE homegrown developer of sustainable and environmentally friendly suncare products, will showcase the role it is playing in reducing plastic waste in the ocean during this year’s Dubai International Boat Show, which takes place at Dubai Harbour until Sunday 5 March.

Joanna Barclay Managing Director of Sunkiss


According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), over 300 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced annually, of which at least 14 million tonnes end up in the ocean every year, making up 80% of all marine debris and making. The primary sources of ocean-based plastic pollution originate from the fishing industry, nautical activities and aquaculture.


Joanna Barclay, Managing Director of SunKiss, said, “Plastic pollution is a global issue which is impacting everyone but is becoming increasingly more problematic in the marine environment. Not only is it affecting ocean health and the health of marine species, but it also creates issues surrounding the food supply chain, impacts tourism, and contributes to climate change.”


At SunKiss, we are acutely aware of these issues and the need to reduce plastic usage drastically. As such, all our products are sustainably produced and have been developed to ensure that plastic usage is reduced by 90%. We have also worked hand-in-hand with the sailing industry to design a product line which helps further reduce waste by eliminating single-use plastics and focusing on refills.”


At the Dubai International Boat Show, SunKiss will showcase a range of products designed in partnership with the yachting industry, seasoned hoteliers and wellness and spa experts, which provide sustainable and luxury guest amenities.


Supporting the local and international sailing and yacht industry, the company has developed a range of initiatives to drive sustainability, reduce plastic usage and minimise onboard space. Using SunKiss’ unique recyclable aluminium bottles, which can be offered to clients, crew and guests can take advantage of bespoke made-to-order dispensers, which provide a sustainable refill option, saving space and reducing waste onboard. These can also be branded to incorporate the name of the yacht or company.


SunKiss has also developed Eco Refill, which provides yacht owners with a range of bathroom amenities in professional sizes, using 95% less packaging than standard-sized products and can be used in all public areas of the yacht. In addition, the company has also launched sustainable turn-down gifts, including aftersun gel and moisturiser, lip balm and hand care nourishment – the ideal remedy after a day onboard a yacht.


Further underscoring the company’s sustainable credentials is that all products are designed and produced in the UAE. As a homegrown Dubai brand, the carbon footprint for supplying local companies is minimised and is dramatically less than competitors from Australia and the US. The formulas have been developed to be reef-friendly, vegan, and alcohol and paraben-free, making them safe and suitable for all requirements.


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