Union Budget Quote 2023: Jakson Group and Jakson Green

Union Budget Quote

Mr Sameer Gupta, Chairman & MD, Jakson Group – The nucleus of Budget 2023 is enhancing the quality of life, inclusive growth and sustainability. I am sure this vision will narrate the story of ‘’New India, Progressive India”. The green economy is in the centre, and all aspects of the energy transition and security are thoroughly covered. As a result, India should surpass its current standing in the field of renewable energy, including storage and green hydrogen.
The government has taken steps to decarbonize the Indian economy, aided by specific budgets- viability funding for a 4000 MWh battery storage energy system, pumped hydro, Rs 20,700 investment for RE evacuation from Ladakh, and the inclusion of green credit in the Environment Protection Act.

Mr Bikesh Ogra, MD & CEO, Jakson Green- The Union Budget 2023 with an outlay of Rs 35,000 crore for green energy transition, addition to the recently announced Green Hydrogen mission with outlay of Rs.19,500 crore has reiterated GOI’s commitment to achieve net zero targets alongside making India important hub for renewable manufacturing. Encouraging the Net Zero goal the government has firmly put clean energy transition at the centre of India’s economic growth. A firm step towards green missions of government will give impetus to job creation, research n development as well as export opportunities while contributing to net-zero objectives. These initiatives are likely to boost domestic manufacturing and reduce import dependence for the renewable sector. The Union Budget 2023 clearly indicates, India is ready to establish itself in the leadership position on the global green energy transition.

About Jakson Group:
Established in the year 1947, the Jakson Group has diversified from a conventional energy products manufacturer into a fully-integrated energy solutions company, providing expertise in the fields of solar power, battery energy storage system, distributed energy & solar and electrical EPC. The company has an extensive presence throughout India with 4 manufacturing facilities, 30+ Sales Offices and a wide network of channel partners and dealers making it one of the top 10 energy companies in India. The company emphasises on providing superior quality products and offers the most viable & cost-effective solutions to its clients backed by the long-standing expertise in the Energy Industry.

About Jakson Green:
Jakson Green, a new energy transition platform backed by India headquartered Infrastructure and Renewable major, Jakson Group, focusses on EPC, IPP, IHP and O&M of new energy assets spanning solar, utility scale storage, waste-to-energy, fuel cell technologies, gasification-based projects, green hydrogen and green ammonia projects. Promoted and led by Bikesh Ogra, a renewable sector veteran with over 10GW of experience across 26 countries, the firm has built up an impressive global presence in a short span since its inception and plans to deliver 10GW renewable energy assets by 2025 and 20GW by 2030. The firm plans to enter the electrolyser manufacturing space, besides building and operating green hydrogen assets globally, in line with its vision of being a power-to-X player cumulatively producing over 1 million ton per annum of green hydrogen/ammonia by 2030.

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