Procter & Gamble Health Announces Half Yearly Results

Procter & Gamble Health

Sales up by 11% for quarter ended December 31, 2022 

Mumbai, February 05, 2023: Procter & Gamble Health Limited today announced its financial results for  the quarter ended December 31, 2022. The company has recorded a robust performance with sales of ₹ 304.7 crores for the quarter ended December 31, 2022, vs ₹ 273.3 crores a year ago, up by 11%. The Profit  After Tax (PAT) was ₹ 76.8 crores vs ₹ 44.9 crores a year ago, supported by improved margin through  portfolio premiumisation, healthy mix and optimization of expenses. Sales for the six-month period ending  December 31, 2022, are ₹ 596.6 crores, vs ₹ 541.0 crores a year ago, up by 10%. Profit After Tax for same  period is ₹ 140.5 crore vs ₹ 100.2 crore a year ago up by 40%. 

Mr. Milind Thatte, Managing Director, P&G Health India, said, “We delivered sales of ₹ 596.6 crores for  half year, up by 10% over year ago, despite macroeconomic challenges, including rising inflation and high  input costs. We have witnessed consistent growth over the second quarter and an overall promising first  half of the year. Our encouraging financial results in the second quarter can be attributed to our core belief  of bringing care closer to patients through innovative approaches. With continued focus on the health and  wellness of patients and consumers, we launched Polybion A injection, a new and improved formulation,  which can help doctors effectively manage the recovery of their patients, while giving a good boost to energy  levels. On World Iron Deficiency Day, P&G Health in partnership with FOGSI (The Federation of Obstetric  and Gynecological Societies of India) initiated the ‘Na Na Anemia Bus Yatra’, a 40-day Bus Yatra across  20 cities and 5 states to create awareness on Iron Deficiency Anemia. As a leader in Nerve Health and a  partner to International Diabetes Federation, on World Diabetes Day 2022, P&G Health launched a large scale collective awareness effort on Peripheral Neuropathy which was recognized among India’s top  diabetes campaigns by Obesity International. 

The quarter also saw recognition of our Brand and Citizenship efforts through the prestigious awards – (1)  CIMS Annual Wellness and Nutrition Awards ‘Trusted Brand of the Year’ (Polybion), (2) CIMS Annual  Wellness and Nutrition Awards ‘Health and Wellness Product of the Year’ (Neurobion), (3) India Health &  Wellness Awards ‘Gold’ for Health Awareness Campaign of the year (Neurobion ‘Feel Life’ and Livogen  ‘LetHerBreakFree’) and (4) India Health & Wellness Awards ‘Silver’ (SEHAT Public Health Initiative). This  has further encouraged us in our commitment to serve Indian consumers and empower them to live  healthier and more vibrant lives,” he added. 

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