ONDC network partners, Delhivery and eSamudaay, come together to enable rural businesses to take flight


Bangalore, 7th Feb 2023: Delhivery Ltd., India’s largest fully integrated logistics provider, has partnered with eSamudaay, a software solution provider, to enable rural businesses to scale by serving customers across India.

Coming together of Delhivery and eSamudaay, network partners of ONDC, effectively broadens the footprint of local products and aligns with the government of India’s plans of ‘Make in India, for the world’.

Bengaluru-based eSamudaay has launched a tech-enabled platform called TyohaarForever Platform to curate India’s vast range of hyperlocal products produced by local artisans. Through the partnership, eSamudaay will leverage Delhivery’s extensive pan-India network of 18,400+ pin codes to make these local products accessible across the country. 

The platform enabled the first set of cross-country orders for raw, unpasteurized Himalayan Honey produced by Tenacious Bee Collective. A Delhivery field executive picked up the products from Jia valley, located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, to ship to Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Tenacious Bee Collective is a start-up that brings local farmers on a single platform with apiarists and scientists. Their aim is to spread the use of raw and unpasteurised honey and help local beekeepers enhance their incomes. Tenacious Bee Collective is in the process of being onboarded on the ONDC network. 

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. T Koshy, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, ONDC, said,” ONDC, with its agenda of democratizing digital commerce, aims to bring the smallest of sellers onto the network and provides them with a level playing field. I’m delighted to see two network participants,Delhivery and eSamudaay, enable ‘Tenacious Bee Collective,’ a small company from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh on-board onto ONDC to take its products to customers across India.”

Ajith Pai, Chief Operating Officer, Delhivery, commented on the partnership, “We are excited to collaborate with ONDC network enablers such as eSamudaay to open up new vistas for delivering value and creating wealth at the grassroots level using digital technologies. With Delhivery’s technology-enabled, fully-integrated logistics solutions, entrepreneurs and businesses from the remotest villages and settlements can serve customers across the country. India has huge demand from different tiers of economy, and ONDC will truly unlock the growth potential of digital commerce in India.”

Commenting on the platform, Sunjay Keswani, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Commerce Business, eSamudaay, said, “Taking off from our mission of creating decentralized digital communities, TyohaarForever is one such platform that enables the curation of best of the products from rural communities from the deepest of locations In India. We work with them so that these very sellers and artisans can take charge of their own livelihood improvement and economic betterment. The core beneficiaries of our initiative are sellers in informal settlements and tier-2, tier-3, and tier-4 cities.In fact we are driving ONDC initiatives in what we know as Bharat.”

About Delhivery Ltd.

Delhivery is India’s largest fully integrated logistics services provider. With its nationwide network covering over 18,400 pin codes, the company provides a full suite of logistics services such as express parcel transportation, PTL freight, TL freight, cross-border, supply chain, and technology services. Delhivery has successfully fulfilled over 1.7 billion shipments since inception and today works with over 28,000 customers, including large & small e-commerce participants, SMEs, and other enterprises & brands. For more information about Delhivery, please visit www.delhivery.com.

About eSamudaay:

eSamudaay is a software company providing end-to-end digitization solutions to small merchants across the country that allows these businesses to be ONDC-enabled in the quickest way possible. The company is creating local digital networks across each of the 748 districts of India to enable local commerce (LCommerce) as a means of hyperlocal economic growth. TyoharForever is a curated commerce platform for the best artisanal work from across India through an ONDC-enabled framework that ensures them access to hitherto untapped markets without having to deal with any middlemen. Enabling and enriching livelihoods and economic wellbeing in marginalized communities as well as in rural settlements, tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 towns.

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