Halp.co is breaking geographical barriers in India through its tech-enabled online free coach support for studying abroad

  • Students anywhere in India with an internet connection can access Halp’s help in studying abroad anytime
  • Free end-to-end personal coach support is available
  • Zero fees charged to the students or family
  • Currently helping students from 88+ countries 
  • Placing students at colleges in CAN, UK, US, and AUS

New Delhi, February 20th, 2023: Halp, one of the world’s largest tech-enabled international college admissions coaching platforms backed by the tennis legend Serena Williams, is breaking geographical barriers and reaching students deep inside India by providing end-to-end free online personal coach support to all Indian students aspiring to study abroad. Any student no matter whether he/she lives in a metro city or rural India can now fulfill the dream of studying abroad. Halp’s online & free admission assistance model has earned it a trusted reputation among students worldwide and is now helping Indian students fulfill their ambitions of pursuing higher studies from universities abroad.

Along with admissions counseling, Halp coaches assist the students with end-to-end support in setting up a new life in the new country; including flights, phone plans, bank accounts, accommodation, VISA, scholarships, loans, and everything that they need to start their education in that country. “We want students to save their money so they can afford to study abroad at their

desired institutions. We are the only company offering premium, end-to-end coaching for free”,

said Matthew McLellan, Co-founder & CEO, Halp.

Halp’s strong partnerships enable students to apply to 15,000+ programs across Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia – they can study their favorite subject in their preferred country at the right institution for them.

Over 18, 000 students from all over the country are being actively placed in more than 3,000 colleges across Canada, UK, US, and Australia. Some of the top programs include – the University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, and Queen’s University in Canada; the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of California Irvine, and Johns Hopkins University in the United States; University of Salford, University of Edinburgh and University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom; Edith Cowan University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Australian National University in Australia.

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